Green Spring Garlic

Green spring garlic may look like green onions, but it’s actually immature garlic plants that haven’t formed into bulbs yet! These plants are usually in this form in early spring beginning in May and lasting until the garlic starts to bulb in June or July for most of the United States. You will find green…

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Spring Garlic Fertilizing

Organic Garlic Fertilizer

Garlic is a heavy feeder and with it being a long season crop, you will want to make sure it has plenty of nutrients to draw from.  A good fertilization in the fall goes a long way to get your garlic some food during the winter.  Once spring comes, you will want to continue to…

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Garlic Bulb Sizes

Keene Garlic Bulb Sizes

Not Sure what size to choose? Jumbo Size – Jumbo planting size 2.25″+, but most fall right around 2.25″ and can get to 2.75+” but the super jumbo are rare. Although we grow quite a bit of super jumbo sizes, we do save those to replant ourselves. If you want the largest bulbs, order JUMBO size.…

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