10 Pound-Medium Size Garlic Bulbs


10 pound medium sized garlic bulbs of 1.5-1.9″ garlic bulb package.  Choose from garlic varieties available.



10lbs. about 1.5-1.8″ Garlic Bulbs which are considered small/medium sized garlic bulbs that can be used for planting or eating (see eating garlic photo for approx. size).  This is a great way for garlic growers to start an attractive strain of garlic that will multiply quickly into many harvested bulbs next season.  There are usually 9-13 bulbs per pound, so there will be approximately 90-130 bulbs in this 10lb. package.  Many market farm stands are starting to grow this size garlic bulbs, because we offer them at a great price and they harvest more bulbs next season since this size provides more plant able cloves per pound. Choose one variety per 10lb. pkg.

These are smaller bulb sizes that we don’t usually sell as planting garlic, but these small/medium sized garlic bulbs are becoming popular for garlic growers to plant because they can inexpensively start a large strain of garlic with a lot of plant able cloves that multiply well and grow into slightly larger bulbs that can be sold next season which are great at farms stands, farm market stands, or CSA boxes.  If you replant this size again next season, they should size up to the large and eventurally jumbo size bulbs. When harvested next season, they should be slightly larger than what was planted, so you may end up harvesting around 2″ bulbs which is a standard size garlic bulbs.  This gives a farm stand more bulbs to sell or to size up an attractive strain of garlic by replanting again.

These would be about the size of the smallest bulb in the picture of bulb sizes, so you can see the approximate size compared to the large and jumbo sized bulbs.




Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Chesnok Red – Certified Organic, Chesnok Red – Naturally Grown, Inchelium Red – Certified Organic, Applegate (Softneck) – Certified Organic, Pehoski Purple – Naturally Grown, Silverwhite (Softneck) – Certified Organic, Transylvanian (Softneck) – Certified Organic, German Extra Hardy – Certified Organic, Majestic – Certified Organic, Northern White – Certified Organic, Persian Star – Certified Organic, Vietnamese Red – Certified Organic, Amish Rocambole – Certified Organic, Unknown Variety (mix of unknown varieties) – Certified Organic 


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