Transylvanian Certified Organic Garlic Bulbs


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Culinary (Sm/Med)

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Transylvanian Certified Organic Garlic Bulbs

  • Softneck Artichoke
  • A hot sharp flavored garlic is great baked, roasted, and wonderful raw.
  • Beautiful creamy white bulbs with traces of purple which make for great braiding garlic and since your will get small, medium and large sized bulbs they all make for a great garlic braid.
  • Stores very well for 6-9 months.
  • Adapted well to summer heat and grows well in the northern and southern states.
  • Early-season harvest

Softneck (about 16 cloves per bulb)

Large, 1/4lb. (2 bulbs, 32 cloves)
Large, 1/2lb. (4 bulbs, 64 cloves)
Large, 1lb. (8 bulbs, 128 cloves)
Large, 5lbs. (40 bulbs, 640 cloves)
Large, 10lbs. (80 bulbs, 1280 cloves)
Jumbo, 1/2lb. (3 bulbs, 48 cloves)
Jumbo, 1lb. (6 bulbs, 96 cloves)
Jumbo, 5lbs. (30 bulbs, 480 cloves)
Jumbo, 10lbs. (60 bulbs, 960 cloves)
Culinary, 1lb. (10 bulbs, 160 cloves)
Culinary, 5lbs. (50 bulbs, 800 cloves)
Culinary, 10lbs. (100 bulbs, 1600 cloves)

Note: Garlic is an agricultural crop that is subject to crop loss due to conditions beyond our control. This can even occur in the curing stage. We check each bulb before shipping them to you, so if there are any quality issues, we may need to substitute. We rarely need to do this, but it does happen. If it is necessary, we will substitute with a similar garlic, but if you have any comments on this please fill out the comment section like a back up garlic or no substitutions. We still want to get you some great garlic, so please choose how you would like us to proceed with your order if the item you ordered is not available. We do set aside some great garlic in case we do have to substitute garlic!

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1/4LB, 1/2LB, 1LB

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Jumbo, Large, Culinary (Sm/Med)


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