Why Buy From Keene Garlic?

We have been growing and selling exceptional quality garlic for over a decade. We provide exceptional quality seed garlic. There is a lot of garlic on the market, but not all of it is what you should invest in as your seed garlic that will be used for years to come. 

Good seed garlic is an investment, and we know and understand that. We continually inspect our garlic in the field, during curing, and post-harvest, so it arrives to our customers in good shape and ready to grow or eat.   Our garlic seed is produced to provide you with garlic that is intended to grow in your garden or field, so you can have a successful garlic crop.  All our garlic is grown organically with no GMO's, is non-irradiated, and grown in nutrient dense soil to produce high quality garlic bulbs. Grown on idyllic small organic family farms,  we take pride in selling the highest quality garlic seeds to gardeners and farmers who have successfully grown garlic.  Take a look around our website and store and become another happy Keene Garlic customer.  

Certified Organic & Naturally Grown Garlic


Keene Garlic offers both Certified Organic and Naturally Grown Gourmet Heirloom Garlic for eating or planting. See our page on the difference. All our garlic is US grown, Non-GMO, grown organically, and are all heirloom varieties. Click here if you only want to purchase certified organic garlic.

Tested Garlic


Although some seed companies source their garlic from other countries (which does not grow well in the US), we take pride in growing and selling heirloom garlic grown in the US! Wisconsin produces some of the best garlic in the nation!  All our garlic is tested by our local university for bloat nematode. We work hard for our customers, so they can know the sweetness in the success of growing garlic.

Why Buy from Keene Garlic

Talk To Experienced Garlic Growers

If you have any problems ordering garlic or have questions growing garlic, please give us a call. We answer with a hello. You can talk to experienced garlic growers (no receptionist or ending up in limbo-land pressing numbers). If by chance you go to voice mail, leave a message, and we will call you back as soon as we can. We are a “mom and pop” operation, but we want to talk to other garlic growers, so we will call you back as soon as we can. You can also email us any questions. (link to email)

608-215-7599 (link this to call us)

Bulk Discounts

We work with a lot of farmers growing garlic and take pride in getting a lot of successful garlic growers started in their garlic growing adventure. We offer bulk discounts and in our packages, and you can mix and match the varieties you would like. If you are just getting started, we love working with new growers by selling them quality seed that grows in their region, with varieties that grow and sell well and offer excellent customers customer service, so you can always call with garlic questions, because we want our customers to be successful garlic growers.

Keene & Cindy with sons and brothers growing garlic!

Garlic is a family affair!



Growing up in Garlic

Garlic is a fun crop to grow and eat!


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