Organic Shallots for Spring Planting

Keene Garlic now offers both Organic Shallot Transplants and Sets for spring planting.

Spring Pre-Orders Begin in January!

  • Shallot Transplants ship Mid-April ONLY.
  • Shallot Sets begin shipping Early March. Choose your ship date upon checkout.

For more information: Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide.

Organic Conservor Shallot Transplants

Organic Conservor Shallot Transplants

CERTIFIED ORGANIC CONSERVOR SHALLOT TRANSPLANTS Greenhouse grown Organic Conservor Shallot Transplants are ready for you to plant into your garden in the spring for a bountiful summer harvest. Conservor Shallots don’t typically divide. However, they grow into a single, elongated red-copper long storing bulb.  Ships Only Mid-April!

Red Shallot Sets Certified Organic

Red Shallot Sets Certified Organic

CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHALLOT SETS – Shallot sets are bulbs that are planted into your garden in the fall or spring for a summer harvest. These dividing shallots produce clusters of shallots that have great storage capabilities. Shipping Begins Early March!

Keene Garlic’s Certified Organic Shallots are easy to grow! Certified Organic Shallot Transplants & Shallot Sets are ready to plant, resulting in a more successful and quicker harvest than growing by seed.


  •  Shallots have a wonderful onion/garlic flavor that brings the perfect gourmet taste to your kitchen. Sauté garlic, onions & shallots together for a phenomenal  base to many dishes! Mince finely to make a lovely homemade vinaigrette or grate directly onto salads for that subtle onion flavor that does not overwhelm.


    • Plant in the fall or the spring similar to garlic.
    • Our Conservor transplants produce a single elongated bulb from each plant that are easy to peel with interior rings.
    • Our shallots sets are clusters that are divided apart and then planted individually.  Each bulb creates a cluster of 2-5 shallots at harvest. Plant each bulb 4-6 inches apart with pointy side up and root side down into fertilized soil. Apply mulch and then water.  About 100 days to harvest.

*It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assure items selected will grow in their USDA hardiness zone and to choose appropriate ship dates.

Local Extension offices are great resources for gardening information specific to each region and are highly recommended.

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