Quick Garlic Growing Instructions

How to Grow Garlic

  • Plant Garlic in the fall. 6 weeks prior to freeze. Usually Mid October.
  • Since garlic is a heavy feeder, fertilize your soil with a good all-purpose fertilizer or compost (optional).
  • Separate the cloves from each bulb.
  • You may choose to do a garlic seed treatment or fertilizer soak to give them a boost which reduce diseases, increases plant health, and increases bulb size. We highly recommend this step especially for larger garlic growers (optional).
  • Plant garlic into prepared soil about 3" deep about 6-9" apart with the tip of the clove up and the root side down.
  • Cover the tip of the clove with approximately 1” of soil.
  • Put 3-6” of mulch over your garlic and wait until spring!
  • In the spring, weed, weed, weed!
  • In June, keep weeding, but also pick the scapes off the hardneck garlics. Eat them! They are delicious. Check out our garlic scape recipes!
  • Harvest when you have 5 full green leaves remaining or 50% of the leaves have died from the bottom.
  • Cure garlic out of the sun in an area with good air circulation until they are dry - about 3 weeks.
  • Properly store your garlic, so it lasts as long as possible.
  • Eat and enjoy! 
Keene Garlic Fall Planting
Keene Garlic Fall Planting

How to Plant Garlic for gardeners

  • Get good quality garlic seed
  • Separate the cloves from the bulb
  • Plant into a furrow about 3" deep
  • Plant each clove pointy side up and root side down
  • Plant each clove at least 6" apart
  • Bury the cloves with 1" of soil
  • Apply 3-6 inches of mulch over the garlic