Spring Planting Organic Garlic, Vegetables, and More

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Keene Garlic proudly offers spring garlic, onions, potatoes, shallots, asparagus and horseradish for spring planting! We offer high-quality plants grown with care on small family farms so you, too, can grow your own produce. It’s our passion to promote the health and happiness of plants and people by bringing a piece of the farm to your kitchen table. Pre-orders for spring products open in January!

Onions, Leeks and Shallots

Onion & Leek Transplants: Our certified organic onion transplants are freshly dug & dormant upon shipping. They will come out of dormancy and thrive with proper care. We recommend planting your transplants within one week after they arrive in an area with full sun. Come harvest time, you’ll have crisp, delicious onions. Limited shipping window for all Transplants. Only Ships in Mid-April.

Onion Sets: Onion sets offer another option for regions that need to plant earlier than the onion transplant shipping window. Very easy to grow, simply plant these small, pearl-sized bulbs whole for a bountiful summer harvest. Shipping starts Early March. Choose your ship date at checkout.

Shallot Transplants: Certified Organic Conservor Shallot Transplants are back by popular demand! A relative of onions and garlic, shallots are both sweet and savory, and blend well when cooked. Only Ships in Mid-April.

Certified Organic Shallot Sets: An alternative to the Conservor Shallot Transplants, our Certified Organic Shallot Sets are available earlier, beginning in March. These easy to grow shallots are multipliers, each bulb producing 2-5 shallots. Shipping starts Early March. Choose your ship date at checkout. 

Asparagus and Horseradish Crowns

Asparagus Crowns:  Asparagus crowns can continue producing for over 15 years once established! These high quality asparagus crowns are grown from seed and left in the field 2-3 years and estimated ready for harvest the following spring. A classic spring perennial, asparagus is an excellent investment for any well-rounded vegetable garden. Shipping starts Early March. Choose your ship date at checkout.

Horseradish Crowns: Keene Garlic’s ready-to-plant horseradish crowns are hot, hardy, and easy to grow. A high-yield and low-maintenance perennial, enjoy this nutritious root for years to come. Horseradish will be freshly dug & dormant upon shipping. Shipping starts Early March. Choose your ship date at checkout.

Double-Certified Organic Seed Potatoes and Organic Spring Garlic

Organic Seed Potatoes: Our seed potatoes are grown on a small organic family farm in Wisconsin & are double certified. Certified Organic by MOSA and also certified by the Wisconsin Seed Potato Certification Program bring gardeners the healthiest, disease-free potatoes without varietal mixture. Shipping starts Late February. Choose your ship date at checkout.

Organic Spring Garlic: Although garlic is typically planted in the fall, we have garlic available for spring planting to harvest as bulbs or green garlic! Keene’s spring planting garlic is certified organic and grown in the US. Cold-stratified following harvest, our spring garlic is ready for planting upon arrival. Once removed from the cold, your garlic will want to sprout, so plant your bulbs soon after receiving them. Shipping starts Early March. Choose your ship date at checkout.

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Growing Onions

Planting Instructions for Seed Potatoes

*It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assure items selected will grow in their USDA hardiness zone and to choose appropriate ship dates. Local Extension offices are a great resource for gardening information specific to each region and are highly recommended.

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