Spring Planting Organic Garlic, Vegetables, and More

Spring Planting Offerings: Garlic, Onions, Shallots, Potatoes, Asparagus Crowns and Horseradish Root

SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON 2023! Please return in January 2024 to order early for spring planting.

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Onion TRANSPLANTSOrganic Onion Transplants are dormant transplants with 3 green leaves and the size of about a pencil or smaller sold in bunches of 25. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Selling onion transplants this year instead of plants previously. Ships in April.

Shallot TRANSPLANTSOrganic Conservor Shallot Transplants are back by popular demand!  IMPORTANT UPDATE: We are offering them as dormant transplants instead of plants for better growing success. Ships in April

Seed PotatoesCertified Organic Potatoes, additionally certified disease free by the State of Wisconsin. Shipping based on regional ship dates.

Spring Garlic: Our organic spring garlic is grown in the western part of the US and has been cold stratified. It will take off and start growing right away in the spring. Shipping based on regional ship dates.

Shallot SetsWe offer organic shallot sets. Plant each small shallot bulb and they will multiply into more shallots for wonderful flavor that only shallots can bring to your cooking. Shipping based on regional ship dates.

Onion SetsEasily plant these pearl sized onions into your garden, farm or homestead. Shipping based on regional ship dates.

Asparagus Crowns: We offer some great quality asparagus crowns grown from seed and left in the field 2-3 years before harvested, so you can plant and get an asparagus the next spring. Ships in April

Horseradish Crowns: Czech horseradish crowns are an exceptionally hardy perennial and easy to grow with plenty of health benefits. Shipping based on regional ship dates.

Keene Garlic offers quality plants for spring planting that come right from small family farms with the intensive care, so you can grow quality plants.  Our goal is your success, so you can grow and provide your family with quality produce. We ship in spring, so place your order now.

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