Conservor Shallot Plants – Certified Organic


Conservor Certified Organic French Shallot Plants – bunch of 50 plants.

Our shallot transplants are ready for shipping in April and early May which serves planting dates for most northern states.

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Conservor Shallot Plants Certified Organic  – bunch of 50 plants.

Sold Out 3/31/2021

4/3/2021 – Update these will ship at the end of April.  Most larger growers plant these around May 1st, so they get a healthier plant with longer storage and less neck rot which happens from planting in fluctuating April weather.

Conservor Certified Organic French Shallot plants are a reddish-copper elongated tear drop shaped bulbs with a savory flavor.  A versatile flavor sautéed or served raw in your salad dressing.  Does not normally divide like traditional shallots.  Known well for excellent yield and performance.  Transplant pencil thick plants in mid/late Spring (we ship in April) and fertilize every 7-10 days.  Shallots do well in fertile well drained soil with 1″ water a week.

We offer bunches of 50 plants.  Our certified organic plants are professionally greenhouse grown in Wisconsin.  Shallot transplants are ready for shipping in April and early May which serves planting dates for most northern states.  We will ship priority mail with tracking, so you can receive and care for your plants right away and they should be planted within a week.

  • French Shallots
  • Reddish Copper skins with a pink outer flesh and cream colored interior rings
  • 110 Days
  • Long Storing
  • Single Bulb Shallots
  • 110 days from transplant
  • Wisconsin well known production shallot due to high yeilds and suitable for long storage
  • Can store until spring

Our Organic Garlic Fertilizer works great on shallots too offering nutrients that shallots need like nitrogen, calcium, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, sulfate sulfur, all from organic sources.  Since shallots are also heavy feeders, and to grow those healthier plants that yield larger bulbs, apply our organic garlic fertilizer using the same application rates. Shallots require a high source of nitrogen, so fertilization or great nutrient rich soil is essential for a great crop.  You can apply our garlic fertilizer or an all purpose fertilizer into the soil a or so week before planting. Apply fertilizer three weeks after planting and then continue with applications every 7-10 days.

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