Softneck Garlic

2024 Fall-Planting Garlic Pre-Orders Begin Last Week of March!

Softneck Garlic for Fall Planting begins shipping in early September.

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One of the two main subspecies of garlic, softneck garlic is easy to grow with fantastic storage capabilities. Southern growers tend to have the best luck with softnecks as they are well-adapted to warmer climates, thriving in areas with milder winters. However, softnecks can also grow quite well in the north when properly mulched.

Softneck garlic does not produce a scape giving them flexible stalks that are perfect for braiding. The majority of grocery store garlic is softneck so these bulbs will look familiar to most. With many tightly wrapped cloves per bulb, softnecks typically have longer storage life than hardnecks. Milder in flavor when roasted, but vibrant when eaten raw, they are very versatile in the kitchen.

Softneck Garlic Details

  • Does Not Produce Garlic Scapes
  • Fun to Braid!
  • Ready-to-Plant Bulbs
  • Available in 1/4lb., 1/2lb. & 1lb. Increments
  • Impressive Storage Capabilities
  • Shipping Starts in September
  • Several Flavorful Heirloom Varieties to Try!

Basic Softneck Garlic Growing Information

  • Garlic needs full sun so plan your garden accordingly.
  • Garlic prefers rich composted & well-drained soil. It is a heavy feeder so fertilize properly with a well-balanced fertilizer. See our Fertilization Soak page to see how we do it!
  • Weed regularly as garlic does not compete well with weeds. Mulch is recommended for protecting the cloves through winter, keeping the soil moisture level consistent and weeds at bay.

How to Grow Fall Planting Garlic

For more information, check out our page:  Quick Garlic Growing Instructions

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