Physical Store Hours We don't have normal "store" hours at our business, so you must have an appointment if you are to stop by. We are a seasonal business and between fields and our facility, so you most likely will not catch us by stopping by. You can reach us by phone or email.

As we get into our busy season, our goal is to put our love and passion into SHIPPING your garlic order.  If you placed an order, find your confirmation in your email to answer any questions you have.  If there is a problem with your order, contact us and provide name, order number, and email.  All fall planting garlic orders will start shipping in September into Early October regardless of the ship date chosen.  That is when garlic orders orders go out.  We try to get the ship date as close as possible, but there are not guarantees on ship date.  Remember, we are shipping an entire years of garlic in 4 weeks.  We do guarantee you will get your garlic before planting time in October.  We loving talking to our customers, but we have made a commitment to shipping your garlic.  Our time becomes very limited at this time, so please see if you can find your question on our website, and if you can't find your answer contact us, but give us 1-5 days to respond during August - October.


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Keene Garlic

We moved! Our new address is:

4027 Owl Creek Drive, Madison, WI 53718

Phone: (608) 215-7599

Mail Us:

Phone Hours

These are our phone hours Central Time.  If you plan to stop by our physical location, please call first to make an appointment.  We are always taking calls, but we are a seasonal business and don't keep hours at this location.   Please call or email to make an appointment to stop by.