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Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide

Keene Garlic’s horseradish crowns are hardy and easy to grow in any garden. A spicy and nutritious, low-maintenance perennial that will produce for years to come. Horseradish crowns are freshly dug, shipped dormant, and ready to plant. Available in units of 5 or 10 crowns.

Remove horseradish roots from the shipping box immediately. Do not water the root upon arrival. For best results, plant them as soon as possible. If needed, keep them in a cool, dry area until they can be planted.

Horseradish Details:

  • Ready-to-Plant Crowns
  • Available in units of 5 or 10 crowns
  • High-yields & Easy to Grow!
  • Perennial, enjoy this full-flavored root for years to come!
  • Grows well from Zone 3-8, Full Sun
  • Non-GMO & Non-Treated

Horseradish Freshly Dug

Freshly Dug Horseradish

Horseradish will arrive as dormant freshly dug, bare root crowns. For best results, plant as soon as possible. If you cannot plant immediately, take crowns out of the packaging, wrap them loosely with paper, and store them in a cool, dry environment out of direct sunlight and wind until planting.

Basic Horseradish Growing Information:

  • Location Considerations: Horseradish requires full sun. Since horseradish is a perennial and can continue to produce for many years, choose a spot that will not get disturbed. Horseradish roots can grow very large and will spread if not dug up so plan garden space accordingly.
  • Soil Type: Horseradish prefers rich composted & well-drained soil. We do not recommend mulching or fertilizing your horseradish until the roots are established. Be sure not to plant in any media containing bark or wood chips. Do not plant into containers smaller than 1 gallon.

How to Plant & Harvest Horseradish:

  1. Dig a trench about 4″-6″ deep. Trenches 12″-18″ apart.
  2. Plant roots at a slight angle.
  3. Water ~1″ per week & weed regularly.
  4. To obtain the best crop, delay harvesting horseradish until late October or early November. Carefully dig the horseradish and cut off the foliage, about 1 inch above the crown. Save pieces around 6 inches long to replant in the spring.
  5. Store horseradish in a refrigerator or root cellar at a temperature of 34-40 F, humidity 90-95%. Keep roots out of light.
  6. You can also leave horseradish to overwinter and harvest in the early spring before growth resumes.

*It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the items selected will grow in their USDA hardiness zone and to choose appropriate ship dates.

Local Extension offices are great resources for gardening information specific to each region and are highly recommended.

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