Garlic Availability 2020 Garlic Season

Keene Garlic Varieties Available this Season

We are now taking orders for fall shipping.  Our garlic is in the ground growing and will be harvested in July.  Once the garlic is cured and cleaned, we will start shipping in Mid September.

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Phone Orders: (608)215-7599

Coming soon: Garlic Powder and Garlic Powder Spice Blends!

Here is a list of our garlic offerings and these should be available (mother nature permitting) for the 2020 Garlic Season.

You can put the item in the search bar in the store to find to the garlic or click on each item to get to the product.


Asian Tempest - Certified Organic

Asian Tempest - Naturally Grown

Russian Inferno - Certified Organic



Rose de Lautrec - Certified Organic



Armenian - Certified Organic

Armenian - Naturally Grown

Georgian Crystal - Certified Organic

Georgian Crystal - Naturally Grown

Georgian Fire - Certified Organic

Georgian Fire-  Naturally Grown

German Extra Hardy - Certified Organic

German Extra Hardy - Naturally Grown

Italian Red - Certified Organic 

Italian Red - Naturally Grown

Leningrad - Certified Organic

Majestic - Naturally Grown

Majestic - Certified Organic

Montana Giant - Certified Organic

Montana Giant - Naturally Grown

Music - Certified Organic

Music - Naturally Grown

Northern White - Certified Organic

Northern White - Naturally Grown

Romanian Red - Certified Organic

Romanian Red - Naturally Grown


Purple Stripe


Chesnok Red - Certified Organic

Chesnok Red - Naturally Grown

Choparsky - Certified Organic


Metechi - Certified Organic

Metechi - Naturally Grown


Pehoski - Certified Organic

Pehoski Purple - Naturally Grown

Persian Star - Certified Organic

Persian Star - Naturally Grown

Purple Glazer - Certified Organic

Red Grain - Certified Organic

Russian Giant - Certified Organic

Russian Giant - Naturally Grown


Vietnamese Red - Certified Organic

Vietnamese Red - Naturally Grown



Amish Rocambole - Certified Organic

Amish Rocambole - Naturally Grown

Chamisal Wild - Certified Organic

Chamisal Wild - Naturally Grown

German Red - Certified Organic
German Red - Naturally Grown

Spanish Roja - Certified Organic

Spanish Roja - Naturally Grown



Applegate - Certified Organic

California White - Certified Organic

French Purple - Certified Organic

Inchelium Red - Certified Organic

Inchelium Red - Naturally Grown

Kettle River Giant - Certified Organic

Kettle River Giant - Naturally Grown

Lorz Italian - Certified Organic

Lorz Italian - Naturally Grown


Red Toch - Certified Organic

Silverwhite - Certified Organic





Elephant Garlic - Certified Organic Garlic Cloves

Elephant Garlic - Naturally Grown Garlic Cloves

Garlic Scapes Certified Organic 

Green Garlic Seed


Sampler Packages

12 Garlic Bulbs

1st Time Garlic Growers Package

Gardeners Delight 3lb.

Garlic Package - 5lbs.

Gourmet Garlic Sampler 1lb. – Hardneck

Gourmet Garlic Sampler 1lb. HOT

Gourmet Garlic Sampler 1lb. Medium Flavored Garlics

Gourmet Garlic Sampler 1lb. Softneck

Grower Seed Stock 3lb. Garlic Sampler Pack

Large Gardener's Package 7lbs.

Small Bulbs Variety Pack 2lbs.

Small Gardener's Package 2lbs.


Seed Stock Bulk

Garlic Seed Stock Bulk Order - 10lbs. Garlic Bulbs

Garlic Seed Stock Bulk Order - 25lbs. Garlic Bulbs

Garlic Seed Stock Bulk Order - 40lbs. Garlic Bulbs

Garlic Seed Stock Bulk Order - 50lbs. Garlic Bulbs

Garlic Seed Stock Bulk Order - 75lbs. Garlic Bulbs

Garlic Seed Stock Bulk Order - 100lbs. Garlic Bulbs


Eating Garlic

#1 Heirloom Eating Garlic (ships immediately)

Garlic Bulbs for making Black Garlic

Heirloom Eating Garlic Certified Organic