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  • 1lb. Softneck Garlic
  • 6-8 bulbs
  • 3-5 different varieties
  • 55-85 cloves (yield 55-85 bulbs next summer if planted)
  • Plants 27-45 linear feet or 4X4 Raised bed with a few cloves remaining
  • Softnecks grow exceptionally well in warmer regions, and do well in northern regions with mulch and protection from the weather.
  • These families have long storage life, so  you can harvest summer garlic and store until early spring.
  • Can be Multiple bulb sizes so you can try 3-5 different types
  • Each cultivar is labeled and bagged like the picture
  • Can include: Inchelium Red, Lorz Italian, Silverwhite, Nootka Rose, California White, Early Italian Purple, Red Toch and more!
This one pound softneck garlic sampler is a great mix of about 3-5 different types of softneck garlic with sizes from culinary to jumbo size. These grow particularly well in the south, but we also grow them in the North with great results. Garlic sampler packs are great for eating or planting and is a great way to try the different garlic varieties to see what you like best. Each garlic cultivar is labeled and bagged. Softneck garlics also store longer.  All our garlic can be eaten or planted!

If you order more than one sampler, it most likely will be the double of same varieties.  We also can’t guarantee that if you order a sampler and a garlic variety that it won’t be the same as the variety you order.  We do our best, but can’t guarantee. Since we customize the varieties in this sampler pack for your region while sending the best garlic of the season, we don’t track which varieties you will receive.  Each bag is labeled for you with the variety.  Please keep the labels and properly label the garlic in your garden when you plant.  We do have great markers that track all garden veggies. These will be some of the best garden veggie markers and you will have them for years.  We get calls every year where customers lose track of the garlic they planted.  We can make guesses, but we will not know for sure the garlic you grew.  These are custom packages for you, so please keep track of your garlic varieties.  Maps of your planted garlic are helpful too!



This a great variety pack for eating too!

Great Garlic Bulb Variety pack that can be used for planting or eating!  Approx. 6-8 bulbs in total.  3-4 labeled garlic varieties about 2 bulbs of each.


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