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Keene Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1

Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1

Why Keene Garlic?

We offer organically grown garlic with unique heirloom varieties for culinary and planting uses. Our Wisconsin garlic farm in collaboration with other small local family farms allow us to proudly serve only US grown garlic. This unity allows us to provide exceptional quality garlic grown by small, local, organic family farms around Wisconsin to give you the experience of flavorful gourmet garlic while sustaining our organic family farms.

  • We are the premier online store for buying garlic for culinary and planting uses from small quantities, sampler packages, wholesale, and bulk for the chef, gardener, and farmer.
  • Certified Organic and Naturally Grown. Meeting food quality safety standards.  All our garlic can be eaten or planted.
  • Our gourmet garlic cannot be found many other places like the grocery stores, big box stores, or Amazon.
  • Our garlic plants produce some of the best seed stock for growing garlic for gardeners and farmers.
  • Officially approved by Martha Stewart's Good Things. Martha Stewart has been growing Keene Garlic on her farms for 10 years.
  • Our garlic fields are tested annually for pests and diseases and this is part of our strategy to bring you exceptional quality garlic.
  • We’re a small family business, owned and operated by Keene, his wife, and sons with loyal and exceptional part time staff
  • We make garlic easy to grow by offering our decades of experience to our customers.
  • Our heirloom varieties have generational lineage and traceability back hundreds of years.
  • Garlic is a nutritious superfood, with multiple health benefits, and medical properties.
  • Keene Garlic produces the best tasting seasonings with our homegrown garlic. The flavor of our garlic seasonings is exceptional and not found in grocery stores.
  • Keene Garlic has grown making collaborations with local farmers or Made in the USA companies offering potatoes, onions, fertilizer, garden tools.

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As we step into the new year, consider setting some garlic and gardening-centric resolutions! Here are a few ideas:

🌱 plant something new in your garden
🧄 try a new garlic variety
🥄 experiment with new garlic recipes
❤ share your gardening knowledge with a loved one

What are your dreams for your garden this year? What are you most excited to grow? Tell us in the comments, and let`s inspire each other for a wonderful year ahead! ✨

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Every year, garlic farming presents new challenges. If you`re a farmer, you know that these challenges are a natural part of life, making it both exciting and exhausting. We`re always striving to improve and adapt to the given conditions, learning to pivot, endure, and think and move quickly. We like to say, `Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes!`

This year`s challenges surpassed the previous ones, but they remain endurable because of the love, support, excitement, and consideration from our customers and fellow garlic growers. Seeing others successfully plant and harvest garlic crops from our seed gives us purpose.

Decades ago, our goal was to teach others to grow garlic for self-sufficiency and less reliance on imported garlic. Over the years, we`ve provided excellent garlic seed stock which has led to thousands of garlic farms, market farmers, and successful gardeners. Every customer contributes to the growth of US-grown heirloom garlic, enabling more people to experience its unique flavors.

Through the years, we have also created a great collaborative of garlic growers who want to grow the highest quality garlic seed to generate income to support their farm and family. All of this happened organically, with a strong focus on education to help others grow great garlic. This has truly become our purpose in life. It might appear to be a small purpose to some, but we know that what we have created in the wonderful state of Wisconsin is making a difference for garlic lovers across the nation.

Our philosophy extends to collaborating with other farmers, offering customers seed stock or transplants like potatoes, onions, shallots, asparagus, and horseradish in spring. This ensures gardeners can cultivate the best vegetables from carefully curated seeds by small farmers dedicated to producing quality seed stock so we can all grow and eat well.

From its roots as a small family farm, Keene Organics has grown with our family and the dedicated Keene Team. We all work so hard to provide you with the best. We`re grateful for everyone who plays a part in the garlic circle of life—thank you! ❤🧄

-Keene and Cindy & the Keene Team

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Bring in the New Year with some extra garlic in your Guacamole! Finish it with some Garlic Scape Salt for that extra zing! 😋 ...

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Unable to plant garlic in the fall? 🥲🧄 Want to still enjoy your homegrown garlic this Summer? 😋Why wait until next fall to plant? We have a solution! 🤩
Garlic Container Kit - Smart Pot Fabric Container, Garlic, Fertilizer. Just add Soil!
👉Add Soil and Fertilizer to Smart Pot Fabric Container
👉Separate each clove from the Bulb
👉Plant each clove 4" apart over 2-3" Deep & Water
👉Store in cold area like a garage or porch until spring
👉Early Spring Put Container outside in Full Sun
👉Keep soil moist, until you harvest in summer
Order today! Line in our bio!

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Garlic for Christmas 🎁 sure made Tom happy 😁🧄 With the warm season, he is able to plant this week in Indiana. 🌤 ...

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We wish you a Merry Christmas! 🎄✨🧄 ...

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In case you need any last-minute stocking stuffer ideas...🧄👀

...we have gift cards! Link in bio 👆

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🌱 C O M I N G 🌱 S O O N 🌱 ...

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Attention: Don`t toss those veggie scraps!! 🥕🧄🧅

As you dive into holiday meal preparations, consider turning your leftover vegetable odds and ends into a tasty broth!

Collect scraps (onion & garlic peels, carrot ends, celery leaves, fresh herbs, etc.) as you cook, then let them simmer on the stovetop for a few hours or toss them in the slow cooker on low all day. After straining, enjoy in your favorite recipes!

This simple process not only yields a flavorful broth but also saves you money and reduces food waste. 🌎

#TastyTuesday #ZeroWaste

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So, how many cloves did you plant this year? 🧄

Share your answers in the comments!👇

** Bonus: Tell us your favorite garlic variety! **

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Craving some freshness? 🌱

Try making our garlic scape hummus recipe! A simple twist on traditional hummus, it brings a refreshing touch with the crisp and invigorating garlicky notes of scapes.

You have a few options for incorporating the scapes:

1) frozen scapes (if you`re lucky enough to have some on hand)
2) our freeze-dried scapes (reconstituted or as is)
3) garlic scape powder

Once you`ve gathered all of your ingredients, place them in a blender or food processor on high until a rich, thick paste forms. Enjoy! 👍

Check out our garlic scape seasonings at the "seasonings" link in our bio! 💚


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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the culinary enthusiasts in your life? 🔍 (yes, that includes yourself!)

Consider Keene Garlic`s organic seasonings! 🎁

❤ Made with love in Madison, WI
🧄 Heirloom garlic grown on small family farms

P.S. Shipping is on us! Order today at the "seasonings" link in our bio. 📦

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Don`t miss out on the latest episode of @aroundthefarmtable, airing tonight at 7 PM Central on @pbswisconsin! 📺✨

Tune in for an exclusive showcase of the Makers Market, a delightful event we were part of back in September. 🧄

Join the lovely PBS host, Inga, as we come together to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our local small farmers! 🚜🌱

#AroundTheFarmTable #SupportLocalFarmers #SupportLocal #SupportSmallBusiness #PBS #OrganicGarlic #KnowYourFarmer

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Looking for a warm and cozy recipe? Try our sweet potato chili! 🍠

This is loaded with tons of fresh veggies, and of course, plenty of garlic. We used fresh garlic, garlic powder, and our organic chili lime seasoning. It was amazing!

Check out our seasonings at the "seasonings" link in our bio! ❤


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Check out this BEAUTIFUL planting guide by @thesmilinggardener! 🧄

“If your ground isn’t frozen, it’s not too late to plant garlic!” ❤️

P.S. We still have some great varieties on our website, and we’re shipping all orders immediately! 📦

📸: @thesmilinggardener

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Give the gift of flavor and food! Your recipient will be able to purchase all the items need to grow great garlic. We also have a great line of Garlic Seasoning, Organic Fertilizer and garden tools.