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Keene Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1

Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1

Why Keene Garlic?

We offer organically grown garlic with unique heirloom varieties for culinary and planting uses. Our Wisconsin garlic farm in collaboration with other small local family farms allow us to proudly serve only US grown garlic. This unity allows us to provide exceptional quality garlic grown by small, local, organic family farms around Wisconsin to give you the experience of flavorful gourmet garlic while sustaining our organic family farms.

  • We are the premier online store for buying garlic for culinary and planting uses from small quantities, sampler packages, wholesale, and bulk for the chef, gardener, and farmer.
  • Certified Organic and Naturally Grown. Meeting food quality safety standards.  All our garlic can be eaten or planted.
  • Our gourmet garlic cannot be found many other places like the grocery stores, big box stores, or Amazon.
  • Our garlic plants produce some of the best seed stock for growing garlic for gardeners and farmers.
  • Officially approved by Martha Stewart's Good Things. Martha Stewart has been growing Keene Garlic on her farms for 10 years.
  • Our garlic fields are tested annually for pests and diseases and this is part of our strategy to bring you exceptional quality garlic.
  • We’re a small family business, owned and operated by Keene, his wife, and sons with loyal and exceptional part time staff
  • We make garlic easy to grow by offering our decades of experience to our customers.
  • Our heirloom varieties have generational lineage and traceability back hundreds of years.
  • Garlic is a nutritious superfood, with multiple health benefits, and medical properties.
  • Keene Garlic produces the best tasting seasonings with our homegrown garlic. The flavor of our garlic seasonings is exceptional and not found in grocery stores.
  • Keene Garlic has grown making collaborations with local farmers or Made in the USA companies offering potatoes, onions, fertilizer, garden tools.

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Aren’t these Cabernet onion transplants just gorgeous? 😍

A big thank you to @adamafarm for sharing this beautiful planting photo — keep us updated on the harvest!! ❤️

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Question of the Week: Why is my Chesnok Red (purple stripe) not as tall as my German Extra Hardy (porcelain)? 🧄

Different varieties will grow at different rates until you get closer to harvest. If you compare purple stripe garlic (which is slower to emerge and grow), to garlic in the porcelain family, you will see a big difference right now in the size!

Check out the picture — on the left is Chesnok Red and on the right is German Extra Hardy. We hope this helps! ❤️

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Have you been fertilizing your garlic this spring? 👀

If you haven`t started, it`s not too late! We offer free, immediate shipping on all of our fertilizers. Each comes with detailed instructions on how to apply. Plus, you can use the same fertilizer when you`re planting garlic this fall!

P.S. This is the #1 way to grow bigger garlic bulbs! 🧄

Order today at the "organic fertilizers" link in our bio ✨

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Planting onion transplants w/ @ilonadolla 🧅 !!! •••• “We love onions. Other than garlic it’s probably the one veggie I use the most in my cooking. I wanted to make sure have a lot of them to last us for a while. I am excited to grow big onions this year.” ...

16 2

Remember to weed your garlic regularly! ✨

Why, you ask?

🧄 Bulb size is reduced if garlic has to compete with weeds
🧄 It takes longer to weed when weeds get bigger.
🧄 It`s fun to be out in your garden 😉

Happy growing!!

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The garlic just keeps growing and growing!! 🤩

"We are thrilled with the garlic we purchased from you. It`s our first time growing it here at Rustic Acres Farm in Mason, OK. We planted back in November and it was very winter hardy and continues to grow daily. Thank you!" -Sharla

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Add a pop of color to your garden with our seed potatoes! 🌈

From vibrant purples, to pretty pinks, to sunny yellows…your potato patch will be bursting with color.

Order today at the “spring planting offerings” link in bio ❤️

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Happy Earth Day! 🌎

In the quiet moments spent in our gardens, we`re reminded of just how incredible nature is. Whether you`re planting onions and potatoes, watching your garlic grow, or starting perennials that magically come back year after year...gardening is a beautiful way to connect with the Earth.

So, let`s all continue to cherish our home, ensuring that its beauty endures for generations to come. 💚

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Question of the Week: How should I fertilize my garlic this spring?

We`re glad you asked! Fertilizing your garlic is one of our top recommendations for growing big, healthy bulbs. We offer a wide range of organic fertilizers on our website, each with its own set of instructions.

For example, here are our recommendations for our top-selling fertilizer! 👇

🧄 Timing: In the spring, when the garlic first emerges apply fertilizer every 1-2 weeks until garlic scapes appear. If you`re growing softneck garlic (no scapes will appear), stop fertilizing 3-4 weeks before you harvest.

🌧 Application: Broadcast onto the soil surface (or over your mulch) and water thoroughly after the application. If you don`t irrigate, then apply before rainfalls.

Learn more at the "organic fertilizers" link in our bio!

P.S. We offer FREE shipping on all fertilizers, and it`s not too late to start! ✨

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Did you plant green garlic last fall? 🧄

In Wisconsin, we start harvesting our green garlic from late April until about June when they start bulbing out. Keep an eye on yours, as the optimal time to harvest depends on your garden zone!

P.S. We’d love to see your photos, so feel free to share them with us! ❤️

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Question of the Week: My garlic has leaf damage from a cold snap...will it be okay?

Yes, your garlic will be okay! The tips of the leaves may look damaged, but this won`t impact the bulbs underground. They will still grow just as big and beautiful, and you will have a great harvest! Remember, it`s what`s inside [the soil] that really counts. 🧄

P.S. This is really common, so you`re not alone if you`re noticing this on your garlic! ❤️

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Thinking about how to set up your garlic rows when planting in the fall? Plant rows according to the equipment you have.

We use a garlic planter, so we plant a bed of garlic with 3 rows. Each garlic clove is planted 3” deep and 6” apart. Each row is about 9” apart. This spacing yields larger bulbs!

P.S. If you haven’t pre-ordered your fall garlic yet, now is the time to do it! Check out our unique heirloom varieties at the “fall garlic bulbs” link in our bio 🧄

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Today is a perfect day to enjoy some time in your garden!! 🧄🍷

Meet Frank, one of our loyal customers. He grows two 4x8 raised beds of Keene Garlic. Each year, he meticulously follows our planting instructions, from sterilizing and soaking the cloves to enriching the soil with our 5-2-2 Organic Fertilizer (in the fall AND throughout the spring)!

He gets excellent results with this method, and loves sharing his harvest with friends!! ✨

📍Greenville, South Carolina

Learn more about our fertilizer at the "organic fertilizers" link in our bio ☝️

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PSA: It`s okay if your garlic is still covered in snow!! ❄️

This is just a friendly reminder that the growth cycle of garlic can vary wildly depending on your location. So, if you`re scrolling through social media and seeing massive garlic plants while yours are still snug under a blanket of snow, don`t worry!

Different regions experience different weather patterns, and what might be spring for some could still be a winter wonderland for others. It`s perfectly natural for your garlic to be taking its time, especially if you`re in a colder area.

Keep nurturing your bulbs with patience and care, and soon enough, they`ll be growing big and strong. Remember, your garlic is beautiful, even if it`s under a layer of snow. 🧄

A huge thank you to Margaret in Billerica, Massachusetts for sharing this photo! ❤

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Here’s a little update from @veryfrenchmary !!👇

“They are bombastic this year, truly…! I’m blown away. I can’t remember if this pic is the Inchelium Red or the Early Italian but they are both performing above and beyond prior years. Our other softneck rows are looking phenomenal too! 🙌”

Thank you for sharing this with us, Mary. 🧄❤️

📸: @veryfrenchmary

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Looking for organic, salt-free seasonings? Check ours out! ✨

We offer a wide variety of seasonings blends made with our organic, heirloom garlic. Here are the ones that are salt-free 👇

🌶 Thai
🥦 Stir Fry
🍕 Pizza
🥒 Greek
🧄 Garlic Powder
🌱 Garlic Scape Powder
🍅 Italian

✨ FREE SHIPPING ✨ check them out at the "seasonings" link in our bio


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Question of the Week: My garlic seems to be sprouting from the center of the plant, what is happening? 🤔

This phenomenon, known as witch brooming, has become increasingly common over the past decade. With the extreme temperature fluctuations experienced in certain areas, garlic bulbs can become confused, prompting them to send up new stalks from each clove developing within the bulb. Unfortunately, this is entirely weather-dependent, and we have no control over its occurrence.

While garlic affected by witch brooming may not store for as long as usual, its flavor remains excellent. If you notice this happening to your garlic, proceed with harvesting as usual, but be sure to eat them quickly to avoid spoilage.

If you`ve encountered witch brooming in your garlic crop, we encourage you to share your location and the varieties of garlic you`re growing. This will help us better understand if this is happening in your region.

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Happy World Health Day! 🌱

The health benefits of growing your own food are endless...

🧄 higher levels of nutrients in your food
👣 a gentle form of exercise
❤️ reduces stress and anxiety
🌍 connection to nature
✨ and more!

To celebrate this special day, tell us about the plant you`re most excited to grow this year! Share in the comments 🙂

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Our onion transplants are being dug! 🧅

✔️ certified organic
✔️ grown on a small family farm
✔️ fresh and easy to grow

We will start shipping around April 11th. If you haven`t placed your order yet, there`s still time! We have some great varieties available for you. Visit the "spring planting offerings" link in our bio. 🙂

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Give the gift of flavor and food! Your recipient will be able to purchase all the items need to grow great garlic. We also have a great line of Garlic Seasoning, Organic Fertilizer and garden tools.