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Keene Garlic offers:

Our garlic is organically grown around Wisconsin, heirloom, family farm grown, NON-GMO, non irradiated, and full flavored gourmet garlic.

  • American grown Garlic by small family organic farms around Wisconsin
  • All our garlic can be planted OR eaten
  • Garlic sampler packages, bulk garlic discounts, and a wide variety of gourmet garlic
  • Exceptional quality seed garlic
  • Easy to grow garlic bulbs
  • Family owned and operated
  • Heirloom garlic produced from garlic seeds tracing back hundreds of years
  • Certified Organic and Naturally Grown Garlic
  • Quality, nutrient dense garlic
  • Planted and grown successfully by gardeners and farmers across the US
  • Our garlic fields are tested annually for Bloat Nematode and other diseases
  • Grown on Wisconsin Garlic Farms for decades to bring you the best tasting, easy to grow, easily acclimated garlic seeds, so you can successfully grow this easy crop.

See our customer reviews!


Give the gift of flavor and food! Your recipient will be able to purchase all the items need to grow great garlic. We also have a great line of Garlic Seasoning, Organic Fertilizer and garden tools.



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How long ago did you start gardening? 🌱🧄

Share your stories in the comments below! 👇

Do you miss the taste of fresh summer scapes? 🌱

We have taken our organic garlic scapes and freeze-dried them. When the scapes are freeze-dried they have a light, airy, dry texture with a mild garlic onion flavor.

They can be eaten right out of the bag, used as a crunchy salad topping, or reconstituted in water which will bring back the freshly picked garlic scape flavor. Once reconstituted, the scapes go well in soups, pastas, sauces, and more!

Link to order in bio 👆

Have you ever tried making black garlic? 🧄

Black garlic is sweet meets savory, a perfect mix of molasses-like richness and earthy hints of fresh garlic. It has been used for flavor and traditional medicinal purposes for centuries.

We use a black garlic fermenter to make ours, but many of our customers also successfully use rice cookers. Do some research and try making this wonderful treat, you'll thank yourself later!

Feel free to share tips in the comments below 👇

Raw garlic 🧄

Did you know that raw garlic gives you a powerful immune boost? This is because raw garlic retains higher amounts of allicin, a beneficial sulfur-containing compound.

We love adding raw garlic to dips, dressings, and sauces like aioli or pesto. What's your favorite way to use raw garlic?

Share some ideas with others in the comments! 👇

📷: @seedandsaute

Thank you so much, Ryan! ❤️

We worked so hard this past season for all of our customers, and your positive feedback means the world to us!

P.S. We can attest to the "garlic fragrance" emanating from our warehouse. We think it's better than any other perfume! 😜

Keene is in the kitchen making homemade garlic powder! 🧄👨‍🍳

Our garlic powder is made from garlic grown on nutrient-dense, small family farms in the Midwest. To maintain high nutrient levels, we dehydrate our garlic at a low heat and then grind it into a fine powder.

Made with love, in small batches with organic heirloom gourmet garlic. ❤️

Link in bio 👆

It’s soup season! 🥣

Recently we made cheesy broccoli cauliflower soup (with plenty of extra garlic) and it was delicious! 🧀🥦🧄

What’s your favorite soup to make? Share some ideas in the comments! Bonus points if the recipe has garlic in it 😉

Dreaming of next year’s garlic harvest and counting…garlic? 🤔🧄 ...

Please tell us we're not the only ones? 🧄 ...

Check out our new blog post! 🥦

It features a cozy soup recipe that's full of hearty vegetables and sure to keep you warm this winter.

P.S. It also has a lot of garlic in it 😉🧄

Link in bio 👆

🚨This Just In: The Perfect Recipe for Garlic Lovers 🧄 ...

Have you ever made your own vegetable broth from kitchen scraps? 🧄🥕🥦

Homemade vegetable broth is full of flavor and nutrients, and is a wonderful way to reduce food waste.

We keep a container in our freezer to collect veggie scraps, and when it’s full, we put them in the crock pot! Add 4 quarts of water and cook on low all day.

When it’s finished, strain through a mesh sieve and store in an airtight jar for up to a week. It can also be frozen for later!

-add plenty of garlic and onion (if you don’t have enough scraps, add some fresh!)
-add a dash of Italian seasoning (available on our website)
-add a few bay leaves
-add salt and pepper to taste

Feature Friday: Romanian Red 🧄🌱

Romanian Red is one of the most popular garlic varieties due to taste, hardiness, and vigorous growth. It also has an exceptionally high allicin content, making it a highly regarded medicinal garlic.

It’s a rich, very hot garlic with an aftertaste that lingers when eaten raw. It adds a long lasting hot and spicy bite to any dish. 🔥

Available for immediate shipping (for planting or eating)! Order at the “Fall Shipping Garlic Bulbs” link in our bio! 👆

Look at those strong roots! 🧄

If you’re a first time grower, checking your root development can be an exciting way to make sure your garlic is growing.

(P.S. It can still be fun even if you’ve been growing garlic for years 😜 we still get just as excited every year! Who’s with us?)

Who needs candles when you can just roast some garlic? 😉

Roasted garlic is the easiest gourmet dish for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. Serve it with bread, add it to your mashed potatoes…the possibilities are endless! 🧄

-Cut the garlic in half
-Drizzle with olive oil and salt
-Wrap in foil
-Roast at 400 for 40 minutes

Have you mulched your garlic? 🍂

After planting, we cover our garlic in 3-6” of mulch. You can use clean straw, chopped leaves, grass clippings, etc. This protects the garlic throughout winter until it’s time to grow in the spring.

For many of us, there is still time to get your garlic in the ground, so if you still need garlic seed we are shipping orders immediately.

Get your garlic in the ground now for a summer harvest! 🧄

Take a look at all of this garlic being planted at Martha Stewart’s Farm! 😍🧄

Read her latest blog for more info on her favorite garlic varieties and how she plants them! Click the “Martha Stewart Garlic Blog” link in our bio 👆

📷: @ryanmccallister1