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Keene Garlic offers:

Our garlic is organically grown around Wisconsin, heirloom, family farm grown, NON-GMO, non irradiated, and full flavored gourmet garlic.

  • American grown Garlic by small family organic farms around Wisconsin
  • All our garlic can be planted OR eaten
  • Garlic sampler packages, bulk garlic discounts, and a wide variety of gourmet garlic
  • Exceptional quality seed garlic
  • Easy to grow garlic bulbs
  • Family owned and operated
  • Heirloom garlic produced from garlic seeds tracing back hundreds of years
  • Certified Organic and Naturally Grown Garlic
  • Quality, nutrient dense garlic
  • Planted and grown successfully by gardeners and farmers across the US
  • Our garlic fields are tested annually for Bloat Nematode and other diseases
  • Grown on Wisconsin Garlic Farms for decades to bring you the best tasting, easy to grow, easily acclimated garlic seeds, so you can successfully grow this easy crop.

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Give the gift of flavor and food! Your recipient will be able to purchase all the items need to grow great garlic. We also have a great line of Garlic Seasoning, Organic Fertilizer and garden tools.



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Take a look at these garlic scapes!! 🌱

These were harvested by one of our long-time customers, Farmer D. 🙂

He is very proud of his harvest this year, and we are too! It’s so rewarding to coach our customers through the years and witness their success in growing garlic.

We would love to see your harvest photos too! Send us a DM, or tag us in your posts so we can see your scapes and garlic! 🧄

Feature Friday: Wisconsin Korean Red ❤️

-A zingy citrus flavor unlike any other
-Very sweet when roasted
-Wonderful multiplication of cloves!

This Korean Red has a story behind it...

It was purchased from Irish Eyes about 20 years ago by a small organic farmer in Viroqua, WI. It was then given to other local select experienced garlic growers that have grown it since. When we first received it 8 years ago, it looked like Asiatic Korean Red with a satin wrapper.

Since then, it has changed in our region to appear more like a purple stripe, but the bulbs grow so large with most of them growing jumbo annually. Hesitant to call it Korean Red since it seems to have changed in our region, we are calling it Wisconsin Korean Red!

Order this one-of-a-kind garlic at the "Fall Garlic Bulbs" link in our bio! 👆

Last call for garlic scapes! 🌱

We are currently picking and shipping fresh garlic scapes. These only ship once a year in mid-late June. 📦

Since they are seasonal and availability is limited, many of our customers like to stock up on as many as they can. We love making them into pesto, freezing them, dehydrating them, and making them into seasonings!

Place your order today at the “fresh garlic scapes” link in our bio 👆

We're so thankful for customers that love garlic as much as we do! 🧄❤️

📷: @hannahgongola

What’s your favorite way to use garlic scapes? 🌱

Our customer, Rachel @flowervalleyfarm, shared a wonderful recipe for a garlic scape vinaigrette! 🥗

-2 garlic scapes
-1/4 cup red or white wine vinegar
-juice from 1/2 of a lemon
-3 tsp Dijon mustard
-3 tsp honey
-3/4 cup olive oil
-salt & pepper to taste

Blend all together in a food processor and enjoy on salads or as a marinade! ❤️

📸: @flowervalleyfarm


The joy of growing garlic 🌱💚

📸: @wesowwegrow

Here are some helpful tips on when your garlic is ready to harvest! 🧄🌱

For more info, click the “Harvesting Garlic” link in our bio! 👆

Feature Friday: Elephant Garlic 🧄

Elephant garlic may look like giant garlic bulbs, but did you know that it's actually more closely related to leeks than to garlic?

With that being said, it is still planted and grown the same way as regular garlic. If you don't like the full flavor of garlic, elephant garlic is a milder alternative!

Elephant garlic will grow in to 3"+ sized bulbs, and is a must have in the kitchen. The crisp texture makes it wonderful served raw in salads, sauces, and as a garnish.

Note: We always have a limited supply of "certified organic" elephant garlic, but our "naturally grown" garlic is grown organically.

Place your pre-order at the "Fall Garlic Bulbs" link in our bio! 👆

Stay pawsitive! 🐾😉

If you haven’t harvested your garlic yet, the time will be here soon! In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye out for scapes. (We’re harvesting ours this weekend). 🌱

Thank you for submitting this photo of your garlic-loving cats, Peggy! ❤️

Soon we will be picking and shipping garlic scapes! 🌱

If you haven’t placed your order yet, be sure to place it soon! You’ll be happy you did when a box of delicious, freshly picked garlic scapes arrive on your doorstep! 📦

Order at the “Fresh Garlic Scapes” link in our bio 👆

Green Garlic Pizza 🍕🌱

-gluten-free crust
-red sauce
-fresh mozzarella
-green garlic


Learn more about green garlic at the “Green Spring Garlic Blog” link in our bio 👆

@oceanviewfarms knows the struggles of growing garlic in Southern California. The warm weather usually devastates their crop. ☀️

In fact, they totally forgot that they had even planted garlic this year...until a couple of weeks ago. They were clearing out the California Poppies at the back of their plot and saw dead garlic stalks!

They were sure it was yet another failed attempt at growing garlic, but were pleasantly surprised to see these beauties hiding beneath the soil! ❤️🎉

Feature Friday: Purple Cow Organics Complete Fertilization Package 💜

Reminder: It's important to stop fertilizing your garlic when you see scapes emerge! 🚫

With that being said, the rest of your garden still needs plenty of nutrients! This fertilization package is perfect for your garden vegetables, fruits and flowers. 🥕🍓🌻

You can also save the fertilizers to use on your garlic when fall planting season comes around! 🧄

Place your order at the "Organic Fertilizers" link in our bio 👆

Our customer Laura has been enjoying her harvest from our seed potatoes! 🍠

She says that potatoes are "easy to grow, hands off, fun to dig up, and delicious to eat!" 🙂

Do you have a favorite potato recipe? Share it with your fellow gardeners in the comments below! 👇

📷: @frontyard_foods

Do you prefer marinara sauce or garlic scape pesto on your pizza? 🍕

We couldn't decide, so we did half and half! ❤️


Find our garlic scape pesto recipe at the "Garlic Scape Recipes" link in our bio 👆

As our customer Andrea was harvesting her garlic scapes and chamomile blooms this week, she was reminded that this time of year is special because it gives us a chance to slow down. ❤️

Many of us still have to be patient for garlic harvest time, but until then, we get to enjoy delicious scapes! 🌱

📷: @highdesertflowerco

Feature Friday: Grill Master's Seasoning Package 🔥

This seasoning package is the perfect gift for garlic lovers - especially the grill master in your life! (Psst! Father's Day is right around the corner! 👀)

It includes the following seasoning blends, all made with our homegrown and dehydrated heirloom garlic. 👇

-Hickory Smoked Sea Salt & Granulated Garlic Grinder Jar
-Trifecta Blend Grinder Jar
-Savory Beef Rub
-Roasted Pork Rub
-Mediterranean Seafood Rub
-Chili Lime Seasoning
-Cocoa Chili Steak Rub
-Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

This package comes gift wrapped with a personalized card so it's special and ready to share. Order today at the "Seasonings" link in our bio for free and immediate shipping! 👆

Some beautiful Chesnok Red garlic coming up from @treedogsseedfarm ❤️🌱

📍Upper Peninsula, MI

Have you ever tried green garlic? 🌱

Let us know in the comments and share your favorite ways to use it! 👇

Vegetarian Tostadas 🍅🥑

-corn tostadas
-refried beans
-roasted sweet corn
-pickled red onions
-pickled jalapeños
-queso fresco
-freshly squeezed lime juice
-keene garlic’s organic chili lime seasoning

This tostadas were so delicious and fresh, with just the right amount of heat! 🔥


Check out our line of organic seasonings at the “Seasonings” link in our bio 👆