Garlic Scape Seasonings

Garlic Scape Seasonings

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Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes are the edible flower stalks of hardneck garlic. Scapes have a mild garlic/onion flavor that is very versatile in the kitchen. Often regarded as a delicacy in Korean and other Asian cuisines as well as Eastern European cooking. Their tender-crisp texture and mild flavor lend well to a wide range of dishes from simple to complex.

Garlic Scapes are typically a gut-friendly option for folks on a low-FODMAP diet or who have other digestive issues. The flavor is much milder than a garlic clove while easier on the digestive system.

Check out our Garlic Scape Blog as well as our Garlic Scape Recipe Page for more information!

  • Mild Garlic/Onion Flavor
  • Easy on the Digestive System, low-FODMAP friendly
  • Freeze-dried for Optimal Nutrition & Freshness
  • A delicacy in ethnic cuisines

Freeze-Dried for Freshness

Garlic Scapes are only harvested once per year and are freeze-dried at the peak of freshness. Freeze-dried scapes are a great way to add flavor year-round! Freeze-drying gives a fresh, crispy texture and seals in the mild garlic/onion flavor for years to come. Our freeze-dried garlic scapes are the base of some of our favorite seasonings, like our Garlic Scape Salt.

Dehydrated Garlic Scapes

We also dehydrate garlic scapes to make our signature Dehydrated Garlic Scape & Pink Salt Grinder Jar. This well-loved seasoning comes with us everywhere!

*Frozen Garlic Scapes are also available for local, in-person pick-up. Email for more information.

We also offer Fresh Garlic Scapes in June! See our Fresh Garlic Scape page to order!

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