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Garlic Scape Powder Freeze Dried – Organic (1.75oz)(50g) | FODMAP Diet approved | US Midwest Grown Garlic from Small Idyllic Garlic Farms | Gluten-Free & Non-GMO | Certified Organic by MOSA | Adds Homegrown Garlic Flavor and Nutrition | Ships Immediately

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Organic Garlic Scape Powder – Garlic alternative for Low-FODMAP Diets New larger bag 1.75oz (50g)

We have created a very unique seasoning using freeze dried garlic scapes.  We freeze-dry organic garlic scapes so it has a light, airy, dry texture with a fresh, mild, garlic, onion flavor.  This unique flavor is a rare find!  Garlic Scape Powder are used on a Low-FODMAP Diet as it is easy on the digestive system and becomes a great alternative for garlic flavor.

  • REAL INGREDIENTS, REAL FLAVOR: 100% Organic Garlic Scapes, Freeze Dried in small batches for the highest quality.
  • HOW TO USE: Garlic Scape Powder are freeze dried garlic scapes powdered fine so you can add to any dish that you would add garlic powder for the mild garlic/onion flavor that is easy to digest.  Can be stored in the Refrigerator to reduce moisture, but sealed tightly.
    • Sprinkle on Vegetables
    • Add to soups, stews, casseroles, sauces, and curries
    • Add to meat and proteins
    • Wonderful added to rice
    • Great on Popcorn too!
  • FREEZE DRIED – Freeze dried garlic scapes retain their nutrient value while leaving a concentrated flavor that will store for years.  It must be kept away from Moisture, so reseal properly.  Since there are no additives, if moistures does occur in may start to clump, so use quickly.
  • MILD GARLIC FLAVOR: This seasoning has a mild, not to overpowering, garlic flavor.  That adds great flavor to food when you need an alternative to garlic powder. Freeze Dried Garlic Scapes are wonderfully nutritious, containing a bit of almost everything the body needs.
  • ORGANIC & HOMEGROWN: Keene Garlic’s Organic Garlic Scape Powder is 100% garlic scapes that are freeze dried in our small food processing plant in Madison Wisconsin.  Our garlic scapes are from our small organic garlic growers producing garlic on small family farms using superior organic and sustainable methods.
  • OUR GARLIC SCAPE POWDER is 100% garlic scapes, gluten-free, contains no MSG, and is produced in small batches in Madison, Wisconsin. All of our seasonings are grown and processed without the use of toxic pesticides, irradiation, or GMOs.
  • LOW FODMAP DIET – we do have bulk rate pricing to bring down the price the more you buy.  We understand special diets can appear pricey (inexpensive compared to health care), so we have packaged the garlic scape powder to stay fresh for years.  When you are ready to use this package with keep sealed or about a 1/2 cup container, but seal tight and keep moisture away.  See our garlic scape pieces, garlic scape salt, and fresh garlic scapes which ship in June.
  • ABOUT US: Keene Garlic is committed to building a sustainable, mutually beneficial organic garlic infrastructure that ensures positive returns to customers, growers and producers while protecting ecological, economic and consumer health. Our pure, potent seasonings bring real bite to everything you make, eat and share.

What is a garlic scape?

Garlic Scape is an edible flower stem that grows from the center of hard neck garlic. It has a strong onion garlic flavor different from garlic cloves and adds a different garlic flavor profile that is prized by chefs and used in many Asian and Eastern European dishes.  As more American farms are growing heirloom hard neck garlic, we are able to find garlic scapes at local farmers markets or through online sales during it very short season in June annually. Our garlic scapes comes from our exclusive network of small organic family farmers that produce food for the highest nutritional level around Madison Wisconsin.



We prepare our garlic powders and garlic spice blends in our food processing plant that does not have gluten, nuts, eggs, but we do run singular batches of pesto with dairy while in season.  We have food allergies, and we are extremely careful about making sure our garlic does not come in contact with other allergensWe use this garlic scape powder exclusively, and we want not only our food to be safe, but yours too!

Garlic Scape Powder Keene Garlic

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