Garlic orders ship immediately. Plant garlic this week!

We ship USPS priority mail with 2-3 day shipping!  Garlic Available 2020 Category.

Ordering & Shipping Times: We are now shipping garlic orders as they come in and should get your order to the USPS within 24 hours, so you can get your garlic planted right away.   As a small family business with great seasonal staff, we put all our effort into getting your order out efficiently and accurately, but we are short staff this year like many small companies.  We do have limited phone time as we are shipping orders quickly, so please place your order on line. Please have patience with us at this busy time as our goal is to get you your garlic order before planting.   If you have not received your order, contact us.  There are a few orders that we can't contact the customer, and USPS has sent some orders into Timbuktu.  If you do need to contact us, please email us so we can address them early morning or late evening.

<<<Jumbo Size - Jumbo planting size 2.25"+, but most fall right around 2.25" and can get to 2.75+" but the super jumbo are rare because although we have few of them and little of this size gets sold.  It is nice to have these size bulbs, but they don't size up larger as they are already at the maximum size.  If you want the largest bulbs, order JUMBO size.
<<<Large Size - Good Planting size
<<<Culinary size - Small or medium sized bulbs similar to grocery store sizes and are best suited for eating.  They can be planted, but you will harvest small/medium bulbs, so for best results and if you want to harvest large bulbs plant the large or jumbo bulbs.

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Most Garlic remaining are culinary or smaller than the large size which is recommened for planitng. These bulbs can still be planted and will grow into larger bulbs next year.

Bulk Amounts Available, only for Dunganski and Elephant Garlic