Garlic is selling quickly and many varieties are sold out, we still have great garlic available and plenty of wonderful sampler packages where we choose great garlic that grows well in your region.  We send great garlic in our samplers and they are easy to order!

Shipping Times:

Garlic Bulbs start shipping in September per your requested ship date.

Fresh Eating Garlic Bulbs Immediate & Free Shipping

Garlic Bulb Sizes:

All our garlic can be eaten or planted.  We treat all bulbs the same. 
Jumbo Size - Premium jumbo planting size 
Large Size - Good Planting size
Culinary size - Small or medium sized bulbs similar to grocery store sizes and are best suited for eating.  They can be planted, but you will harvest small/medium bulbs, so for best results and if you want to harvest large bulbs plant the large or jumbo bulbs.


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