We are sold out of garlic for the 2020 Garlic season.  We will now focus on shipping our garlic orders.  Thank you for your support for the season and are working hard to deliver our customers some great garlic!  We may have some remaining after we finish our orders, so send us an email on your wish list.

Shipping Times:

We are now shipping garlic orders.   All orders will be shipped before Early October for the common planting date of 10/15 annually.  Please allow us this time to package and ship your garlic order.  If we spend this critical time responding to the plethora of contacts on when your order is to arrive, we will not have time to actually ship your order.  Check the ship date you choose on your order before contacting us to see when your order is to arrive.  We are currently working on Mid/Late September orders.

Garlic Bulb Sizes:

All our garlic can be eaten or planted.  We treat all bulbs the same. 

Jumbo Size - Premium jumbo planting size 
Large Size - Good Planting size
Culinary size - Small or medium sized bulbs similar to grocery store sizes and are best suited for eating.  They can be planted, but you will harvest small/medium bulbs, so for best results and if you want to harvest large bulbs plant the large or jumbo bulbs.


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