Rocambole Garlic Varieties

If you’re seeking a traditional garlic flavor, you’re seeking rocambole garlic. 

Rocambole garlic is a true heirloom garlic variety. Brought overseas from Europe tucked inside a coat pockets, and introduced to this country through Ellis Island, the rocambole proudly boasts its timeless taste. 

Rocambole varieties offers flavors that are smooth and strong. At their most rich when cooked, this garlic is great for roasting and known to produce inviting aromas. No surprise when you find your kitchen filled with the smell of your new favorite garlic variety when a rocambole is in the oven. 

Rocambole garlic’s loose layers and large size mean they’re handy to have in the kitchen. The brown and purple-tinted white bulbs don’t wrap too tightly around their cloves, making them easy to peel, cut, and slice. It’s always a safe bet to have rocambole on hand.   

Passed between families and hand-planted over generations, rocambole garlic can now be found throughout the Northern and Mid-Regions of the United States. Rocamboles grow particularly well in high-altitude areas. They are easier to rot on the bottom right before harvest, so watch them closely at that time.  They are also a bit finnicky when it comes to growing and can be a bit harder than porcelains or purple stripes to grow, but still are a must have as a selection due to the classic garlic flavor. 

Typically containing 8 to 10 garlic cloves per bulb, rocamboles will multiply abundantly. Planting one pound of rocambole should render about 8 pounds of crop during harvest season. 

Rocambole garlic puts the heart in hearty and requires a little extra love when growing. This variety is more sensitive to saturated soil and may need some extra attention leading up to harvest.

If you’re growing garlic, you’ll want to eat these first.  While this variety has a long history, its storage life is a bit on the shorter side, and rocamboles prefer not to hold back what they can bring to the table.   Gardeners will find that when rocamboles are fresh they burst with a flavor you can celebrate and savor. 

Ready for rocambole? A phenomenal taste awaits.

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