German Red Certified Organic Garlic


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German Red Certified Organic Garlic

German Red Garlic Bulb qualities:

  • Hardneck Garlic
  • Rocambole
  • 8-10 Med/Large Cloves/Bulb
  • Robust & very hardy
  • Grows well in Northern States
  • Double cloves common
  • Grown for its wonderful classic garlic flavor that only this rare heirloom provides
  • Large impressive bulbs for great market appeal
  • Garlic flavor: Sets the standard for true garlic flavor that is strong, medium/hot, and great roasted, sautéed, or raw.
  • Storage: Rocamboles don’t store as long as other garlic varieties.  As a result, this should be planted around October 15th as we will not be able to provide a refund or exchange after that date because rocamboles can start to naturally deteriorate by then due to the fact that they don’t have a tight wrapper around the cloves.   It is still a must have as a part of your garlic collection, because the taste is phenomenal! Just eat first!

Why are German Red Garlic Bulbs so hard to find?

Rocambole Garlic Bulbs are having a hard time with the fluctuation swings and as farmers we end up with small yields compared to other garlic varieties.  Many of us garlic growers came to find that not only does this garlic not store long, but there are so many problems when growing it.  When we try to produce it for production as farmers we usually end up with being able to sell about 20% of what we grow. The bottoms are easy to rot if the soil is not perfect.  If there is too much moisture in the soil, the bulbs develop more fungal issues.  Since the clove wrappers don’t wrap around the clove tight which allows for micro-organisms to penetrate the cloves, storage is reduced.  Although we may ship a beautiful bulb, by the time the customer goes to plant, the bulb may be starting to naturally deteriorate as it is a short storing garlic variety.  As the garlic naturally starts to soften, turns brown, and the micro-organisms may of eaten away at the cloves, the bulb usually does not make it to planting time.  This leads to customer service complaints and refunds and we don’t like for our customers to be unhappy.  As a result, with such a loss for our region to produce this garlic, Keene Garlic Farm and our garlic growers are not growing it any more.

Many other garlic farmers around the nation has also quit growing it too.  If you are in a certain microclimate, it may do well for you.  It can also do well if you are going a small amount where ultimate care can be given to ensure it’s success.  If you have this strain, we recommend to continue growing it so the seed stock continues on.  If you grow this for production, contact us as we have gardeners that want this garlic.

How much garlic to buy?

The bulb and clove amounts are ESTIMATES to help you determine how much garlic there is by weight for help with planting and spacing.

Approx. 6-8 bulbs per pound and 60-80 cloves per lb. plants 30-40 linear feet at 6” spacing.

Rocambole (about 10 cloves per bulb)

Large, 1/4lb. (2 bulbs, 20 cloves)
Large, 1/2lb. (4 bulbs, 40 cloves)
Large, 1lb. (8 bulbs, 80 cloves)
Large, 5lbs. (40 bulbs, 400 cloves)
Large, 10lbs. (80 bulbs, 800 cloves)
Jumbo, 1/2lb.  (3 bulbs, 30 cloves)
Jumbo, 1lb. (6 bulbs, 60 cloves)
Jumbo, 5lbs. (30 bulbs, 300 cloves)
Jumbo, 10lbs. (60 bulbs, 600 cloves)
Culinary, 1lb.  (10 bulbs, 100 cloves)
Culinary, 5lbs. (50 bulbs, 500 cloves)
Culinary, 10lbs. (100 bulbs, 1000 cloves)

Note: Garlic is an agricultural crop that is subject to crop loss due to conditions beyond our control. This can even occur in the curing stage. We check each bulb before shipping them to you, so if there are any quality issues, we may need to substitute. We rarely need to do this, but it does happen. If it is necessary, we will substitute with a similar garlic, but if you have any comments on this please fill out the comment section like a back up garlic or no substitutions. We still want to get you some great garlic, so please choose how you would like us to proceed with your order if the item you ordered is not available. We do set aside some great garlic in case we do have to substitute garlic!

Additional information

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1/4LB, 1/2LB, 1LB

Bulb Size

Jumbo, Large, Culinary (Sm/Med)


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