Granulated Garlic with Smoked Salt – Organic


Now available in a Grinder Jar! | NOW SHIPPING! SHIPS IMMEDIATELY! | A simple grilled meat rub for excellent natural smoked flavor!

3.2 oz. (90g) Pouch
2.12 oz. (70g) Grinder Jar

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Granulated Garlic with Smoked Salt – Certified Organic

Very simple! 51% Keene’s Granulated Garlic and 49% of Hickory Smoked Salt to make a phenomenal seasoning. Course blend! Our intensely flavored granulated garlic is mixed with hickory smoked sea salt to bring a boost of flavor.  We use this special blend as a rub on all our grilled meats which makes for a natural extra-smoky flavored meat that the grill just can’t completely provide.  We do put it on other dishes some may find strange, but it tastes so good… chili, on hummus, lightly on deviled eggs, rub on roasts, the list goes on!

Ingredients: Organic Granulated Garlic, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt – Pouch: 3.2 oz (90g) & Grinder Jar: 2.12oz. (70g)

Hickory Smoked Hamburgers

Lightly patty locally raised grass fed hamburger meat.  Add about 1 Teaspoon to each side of your burger or preferred amount. Press seasoning lightly into the burger so it will stay when you flip it. Put hamburger on the grill and press the middle of the burger.  When the burger is amount half done, flip.  Cook to your internal temperature preference.

Our son, Aaron, also adds the Italian Seasoning on his burger!

roast rubbed with granulated garlic and smoked salt

Roast rubbed with Keene Garlic’s Granulated Garlic & Hickory Smoked Salt

steak with granulated garlic and smoked salt

Steak with Keene Garlic’s Granulated Garlic & Hickory Smoked Salt


Please use your imagination and share your ideas on using our seasonings.


We prepare our garlic powders and garlic spice blends in a licensed kitchen that also processes other products which may contain soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, peanuts, and eggs.  We have food allergies, and we are extremely careful about making sure our garlic does not come in contact with other allergens by working in a separate kitchen when other chefs are not there, washing and sanitizing everything repeatedly, and taking every necessary step we can to prevent any cross contamination.  We use this garlic powder exclusively, and we want not only our food to be safe, but yours too!



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3.2 oz. (90g) Pouch, 2.12 oz. (70g) Grinder Jar


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