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Our Certified Organic Eating Garlic will ship in August.


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2022 Gourmet Eating Garlic! Free Shipping.

This garlic package is our certified organic garlic bulbs.  Our garlic varieties are heirloom and unique varieties full of full flavor.

This garlic is harvested in July, and cured or dried, and starts shipping in August.

If there are certain varieties of garlic you would like then please, order them by their name.
These are Certified Organic full flavored heirloom garlic grown in the US on small family farms.  They have a strong, garlicky flavor when raw and a wonderful classic garlic flavor when cooked. These are great all purpose garlic varieties for all cooking and eating purposes as well as medicinal purposes. These bulbs are usually under 2″ which is the typical size found in the grocery store, but our heirloom garlic bulbs, and have large cloves and are easy to peel in the kitchen with full flavor. The cloves are usually the perfect size that fits into a garlic press.  If we know the name of the variety of garlic, we will include a label, but many times we have lost track of the variety which is why it becomes eating garlic or we want to replace seed stock with different garlic. These will usually store until early spring, but read our storing garlic section to make sure it is stored properly. Depending on size of the bulbs, there will be 6-10 bulbs per pound. We don’t recommend planting these garlic bulbs.  If you are looking for planting garlic, order garlic by variety.  

Our Certified Organic Garlic will ship in August.


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