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Fall Bulk Garlic Pre-Orders Begin Last Week of March!

Bulk Garlic Packages & Wholesale Prices are available when ordering 10lb or more of the same variety. Organic & Naturally Grown bulk garlic begins shipping in early September.

For more information: Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide

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Keene Garlic’s Bulk Garlic Packages are larger amounts of seed stock for those interested in growing a substantial garlic crop. We all know that starting with high-quality seed stock is the first step to success for not only home gardens but also garlic farms.

Keene Garlic offers a bulk discount on select tried and true varieties in increments of 10lb, 20lb, 40lb, 60lb, 80lb & 100lb. These varieties vary based on seasonal availability. Each increment ordered will consist of only one garlic variety. If you would like multiple varieties in these larger sizes, simply order a separate bulk bag for each garlic variety desired.

 Bulk & Wholesale Garlic Details

  • Ready-to-Plant Bulbs
  • Available in 10lb, 20lb, 40lb, 60lb, 80lb & 100lb Increments
  • Certified Organic & Naturally Grown Available
  • Softneck & Hardneck Varieties Available
  • Available in Jumbo, Large & Culinary Sizes
  • See Drop-Down Menus for Available Varieties
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Special Notes about Bulk Garlic

Keep Track of Varieties: Your bulk garlic will be labeled by variety. Take care to keep records of the garlic you receive.

Special Requests: We cannot take special requests for bulk packages. If you have a specific variety that you’d like to try that is not offered in the bulk drop-down menus, we recommend that you order it separately.

Bulk Garlic Varieties: Keep in mind that there are limited varieties of garlic that we offer in bulk and wholesale quantities. Many of our heirloom varieties are more exclusive, exotic, or require more effort to grow successfully. These specialty varieties do not qualify for discounted pricing. If you would like a sizable amount of garlic but are looking for more of an assortment, consider one of our larger sampler packs, such as our Large Homestead Garlic Package 7lb.

*Here is a short list of the garlic varieties that we most typically offer in bulk quantities. You may find these and others in the drop-down menus upon ordering.

How to Order Bulk Garlic

Farmers/Garden Centers/Homesteaders- See our new blog post How to Buy Bulk Orders here or call (608) 215-7599!

Tax-Exempt Customers Click Here to Get Set Up Before Ordering

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