Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide

Many of our products are shipped seasonally. Check out the Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide to find out all the important dates you need to know!

Fall garlic orders start shipping in September! All our fall garlic pre-orders ship out annually by Early October before planting time. You will receive a tracking email before shipping. If you have a special shipping request or instructions, put that in the comment section when placing your order we will do our best to accommodate. See below for more fall shipping details.

Spring Offerings

Pre-orders for Spring Products open January 15th!

Below are our Pre-shipping Guidelines

As of 4/1/23, almost all SPRING pre-orders will ship within the next 15 days!


Organic Seed Potatoes, Spring Garlic, Onion Sets & Shallot Sets

Color Palette Seed Potato Sampler- Organic
Red Shallot Sets Certified Organic

Zones 8-10: Order Shipping starts late February (Spring Garlic may ship earlier if available)

Zones 7a & 7b: Order Shipping starts Early March

Zones 2a-6b: Order Shipping starts Late March/Early April

**Without any guarantees, we’re happy to consider special circumstances for your order shipping, be sure to share those in the comment box upon checkout.

Red Wethersfield Onion Sets Naturally Grown
Early Italian Softneck Certified Organic Half Bulbs Keene Garlic

Orders coming in after March 20th will be filled as Asparagus and onion arrive and/or as soon as possible. New orders coming in with multiple items, will ship on the lastest ship dates as onion transplants and asparagus are dug and shipped in April. We do ship fertilizer, seasonings and tools right away, but we may delay that by a few days to ship all at once.

Note: pre-orders will ship by 4/15/23 you have a later plant date or by request.

Onion, Shallot & Leek Transplants, Asparagus Crowns & Horseradish Crowns

Onion Transplants Certified Organic
Onion Transplants Certified Organic Scale

Our Onion, Shallot & Leek Transplants are dormant when shipped. They are well-adapted for Zones 2a-6b or latitude range 35-45°.

All Allium Transplants & Asparagus Crowns begin shipping Early April.

Horseradish Crowns begin shipping Mid-March.

We start shipping to warmer zones first, moving on to coolers zones.

**Without any guarantees, we’re happy to consider special circumstances for your order shipping, be sure to share those in the comment box upon checkout.

Summer Offerings

Certified Organic Fresh Garlic Scapes

Fresh farm-picked Garlic Scapes ship Mid-Late June annually.

Pre-Orders for Garlic Scapes open Early March.

Heirloom Eating Garlic

Our Heirloom Eating Garlic begins shipping in Early August. Experience the flavor of fresh homegrown garlic.

We will continue to ship our Heirloom Eating Garlic through the fall until it is sold out.

Fall Offerings

Seed Garlic, Green Garlic, Culinary Garlic, & Shallot Sets

Montana Giant Organic Keene Garlic

Fall Garlic Pre-Orders Ship:

September 1st-October 15th

Pre-orders for fall garlic open early March. Reserve the varieties you know you want!

We start shipping garlic orders in early September to Alaska and those that need to cold stratify their garlic (in southern regions). Then we ship by region, order received, and efficiency. Remember we have only about 5 weeks to ship garlic after it is cured which is a short time, we are fast and efficient in getting our customer their orders in time for planting and work day and night to do so. We will continue to ship fall garlic & shallots until sold out.

Starting in August, if we receive your order with garlic and fertilizer, we ship those together unless you indicate otherwise.

Red Shallot Sets Certified Organic

Available Year Round

Tried & true, these garden and kitchen products are available year round & ship immediately.

Organic Fertilizers

Seasonings made with Keene Garlic

US-Made Garden Tools

Organic Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1s
Keene’s Fertilizer Specially Formulated for Garlic
Garlic Complete Fertilization Quart
Purple Cow Fertilization Products
Organic Heirloom Garlic Grinder Jar Gift Set
Heirloom Grinder Jar Gift Set with Keene Garlic
Tastes of Summer Organic Garlic Seasoning Set
Tastes of Summer Organic Garlic Seasoning Set
CobraHead Combo Pack Original & Mini Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool
Cobrahead Weeders from Wisconsin
Wilcox All-Purpose Digging Trowel
Wilcox Heavy Duty Hand Tools from Iowa

Don’t know your Planting Zone? Check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Map to find out!

US Plant Hardiness Growing Zones
Temperature Zones Legend

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