Millennium Asparagus Crowns


SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON 2023! Please return in January 2024 to pre-order two year asparagus crowns for spring planting.

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Millennium Asparagus

Millennium Asparagus Crowns are known for being well adapted to a wide range of soil types, performing better in heavier soils than other asparagus varieties. With great yields over a longer stretch, Millennium Asparagus produces uniform spears with a higher ratio of male plants. Millennium is a variety that is cold-hardy to Zone 3 with resistance to rust. With its outstanding flavor, this sturdy perennial is quickly becoming a standard variety among asparagus producers & gardeners alike. Our crowns have been grown for 2+ years and can be harvested the following spring.

  • 2-Year Crowns
  • Sold as sets of 10, 25, 50, 100
  • Very Cold-Hardy
  • Perennial, enjoy uniform spears for years to come!
  • Rust-Resistant
  • Grows well from Zone 3-8
  • Full Sun

Our Millennium Asparagus Crowns are grown from seed and left in the field for 2+ years before they are dug. Asparagus will arrive as dormant, bare-root crown divisions.

Remove asparagus roots from shipping box immediately & untie the bundles.  Do not water your asparagus roots upon arrival. For best results, plant them as soon as possible. If you need to keep roots longer than two weeks, untie bunch and spread roots out. Store in a cool, dry place until planting time.


Basic Asparagus Growing Info

  • Location Considerations: Asparagus require full sun. Since asparagus is a perennial and can continue to produce up to 15+ years, choose a spot that will not get disturbed.


  • How Many to Order: Wondering how much to grow? Established asparagus plants produce about 1/2lb. of spears per bed foot in spring/early summer. If you are just getting asparagus established for the first time, we would recommend 5-10 crowns per person. (covers 15-30 row feet) If space is not an issue, you can grow more as asparagus is can also be frozen or canned.


  • Soil Type: Asparagus prefers well drained soil with a pH between 6.8 and 7.2. We do not recommend mulching or fertilizing your asparagus until the roots are established. Be sure not to plant in any media containing bark or wood chips. Do not plant into containers smaller than 1 gallon.


  • Planting:
  1. Dig a trench about 12″-18″ wide & 8″ deep. Lay the root flat in the bottom of the trench with crown or top of root upright in the middle with “tentacles” spread evenly in each direction. Trenches should be 2-3 feet apart.
  2. Space plants in trench so “tentacles” touch, approximately 12″-18″ apart.
  3. Put only 2″-3″ of soil on top at planting time. Add more soil as the spears grow.
  4. Water ~1″ per week. Keep asparagus bed free of weeds.
  5. Allow plant to establish a healthy root system the first season & begin harvest the following spring.
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CROP LOSS: Asparagus is an agricultural crop that is subject to crop loss due to conditions beyond our control. This can even occur at any stage. It can even occur before shipping.  We check each item before shipping them to you, so if there are any quality issues, we may need to substitute. If you have any comments on this, please fill out the comment section on what you would like if an item is not available.

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