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Inchelium Red Softneck – Certified Organic Spring Planting

Certified Organic Inchelium Red Softneck Garlic was a national softneck taste-test winner! One of Martha Stewart’s favorite garlics, this long-storing garlic is a solid choice for spring planting. Although garlic is typically planted in the fall, we have limited garlic varieties available for spring planting  to harvest as bulbs or green garlic! Cold-stratified following harvest, our spring garlic is ready for planting upon arrival. Once removed from the cold, your garlic will want to sprout & grow.

    • Certified Organic
    • Softneck Artichoke Family
    • Great Garlic for Braiding
    • Adapts Well to Summer Heat
    • Mild to Full-Flavored Garlic
    • Cold-stratified & Ready to Plant!
    • Grows well in Southern & Western States
    • Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in northern Washington.
    • Bulbs will have 10-15 multi-sized cloves, plant biggest for bulbs & smaller cloves for green garlic!
  • SPRING GARLIC DETAILS: Our Certified Organic Spring Garlic will arrive in a netted bag, labeled by variety. Unpack and store in a cool, dry place or a refrigerator until it is time to plant. It is normal for spring garlic to have sprouts.
  • SHIPPING INFORMATION: Spring garlic begin shipping Early March. Choose your ship date upon checkout.

Basic Spring Garlic Growing Information

Planting Time: Plant in the spring to harvest as smaller bulbs or green garlic!

Sun Requirement: Garlic require full sun – the more the better!

Soil Fertility: Adding compost or a balanced organic fertilizer is essential for growing healthy garlic, especially if your soil fertility is low. For the best growth and yield, garlic need fertilizer at planting time and additional side dressing throughout the growing season. Our Keene Garlic Fertilizer is specially formulated for garlic!

Planting: Plant garlic as soon as you can work the soil in the spring. Separate cloves and plant each clove 4-6 inches apart with pointy side up and root side down into fertilized soil. Apply mulch and then water.

***For detailed instructions on how to grow spring garlic, see our blog post:

Planting Garlic in the Spring

Spring Garlic begin shipping in Early March. Choose your ship date upon checkout.

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***For more information about the shipping of our products, see the Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide.


*It is the purchaser’s responsibility to assure items selected will grow in their USDA hardiness zone and to choose appropriate ship dates. Local Extension offices are great resources for gardening information specific to each region and are highly recommended.

ABOUT US: Keene Garlic works closely with small organic farmers who have been growing for generations to produce top notch products for your garden or homestead. We personally have had continued success with these high-quality spring products for years and are delighted to share our favorites with you. When you purchase from Keene Garlic you are supporting small organic family farms, and you are making a difference!

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