100% Pure Organic Granulated Garlic & Garlic Powder

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Keene Garlic now offers Certified Organic Garlic Powder & Granulated Garlic

Taste the difference of Keene Garlic’s 100% pure certified organic garlic powder &  granulated garlic. All Keene Garlic’s dehydrated garlic products  are produced in small batches in Madison, Wisconsin using our organically grown heirloom garlic. We are the go-to for all garlic lovers!

We dehydrate our certified organic pure 100% garlic products at a very low heat to keep maximum nutrients in the garlic. Enjoy the health and flavor benefits of pure heirloom garlic!

Our robust heirloom garlic is grown organically on small Midwest family farms. Yes, US Grown Garlic! We take pride in growing organic, high-quality, gourmet garlic which is the magic in all our organic seasonings.

Keene Garlic Seasoning Details

  • Certified Organic – Always Non-GMO & Non-Irradiated
  • Robust, Homegrown Flavor for Your Kitchen!
  • 100% Pure – No Fillers or Additives
  • Small-batch Seasonings Made In-House
  • Available in Jars & Refill Pouches
  • Free Shipping Available Now!

    Keene making garlic powder at Madison FEED Kitchen

    Keene preparing the cloves for dehydration

What Makes Keene Garlic’s Seasonings So Special?

Keene Garlic has been growing certified organic heirloom garlic for almost 2 decades. We have curated a unique network of small organic growers in our region. We are passionate about getting their high-quality heirloom garlic into the hands of farmers, gardeners, chefs & foodies across the US. When you purchase from Keene Garlic, you are supporting small organic family farms and making a difference!

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