100% Pure Organic Granulated Garlic & Garlic Powder

Organic Garlic Powder and Granulated Garlic from US Grown Heirloom Garlic

We make all our own garlic powders from Keene’s organic heirloom garlic grown on small organic farms around Wisconsin.  Our heirloom garlic produces a very strong and intense flavored garlic. Thus, our strong garlic powder flavor is not the same as found in traditional garlic powders.  A little goes a long way!  Our 100% organic garlic powder does not have any fillers or additives.  Our garlic is not irradiated and Non-GMO.

We produce our garlic powders in small batches in our commercial state licensed kitchen in Madison, WI.  We use a low heat to keep as much nutrients in the garlic, so it will still provide the wonderful health benefits of garlic.  Since our garlic is grown on idyllic small family farms, we care for our soil to produce nutrient dense heathy plants and crops.

In our kitchen, we only produce seasonings and pesto.  The only allergen in our kitchen is cheese (Milk).  As a family with food allergies, we strive to keep our products clean and although our kitchen is not currently certified gluten or nut free, we don’t allow those items in our kitchen.

Keene making garlic powder at Madison FEED Kitchen

Keene making garlic powder in a local licensed Kitchen


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