Purple Stripe Garlic Varieties

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Comforting, yet classic, purple stripe garlic produces a sweet garlic flavor made all the more intense when homegrown.  An heirloom variety carried forward through generations of growing, we always recommend having purple stripe garlic in your garden. 

The name says it all –  purple stripes are stunning, with ribboned wrappings that invite you to reveal the cluster of cloves waiting inside.  Looking to sell garlic at the market?  Bring customers to your stand with beautiful bulbs that are sure to shine. A purple stripes’ large clove size and distinct flavor make purple stripes a wonderful addition to any kitchen, no matter how you cook it.

When it comes to roasting, your go-to garlic is a purple stripe. Roasted purple-striped hardneck varieties give a sweet sense of warmth. Simply sauteed, purple stripes provide complex flavors that offer nutty notes and honeyed, caramelized textures. With each bulb containing 10 to 14 garlic cloves, there is more than enough to go around the table.

Growers will also find that purple-striped garlic earns its keep when planted in your garden. Easy to grow, standard purple stripes should yield a crop 10 times their original, planted amount. One pound of standard purple-striped garlic alone can render 10 more come harvest.  With the correct variety choice, purple stripes can be planted in all regions across the United States. 

As a hardneck garlic variety, purple stripes allow you to trade braided for bundled. Purple-striped garlic can be bound together with binder twine to make a brilliant bouquet when storing. Known for being a longer-storing garlic, you can expect purple stripes to stick around. Get yours in the ground this planting season.

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