Organic Garlic

2024 Organic Garlic Heirloom Eating Pre-Orders with Free Shipping Open Now!

Organic Eating Garlic from the 2024 harvest begins shipping in August.

For more information: Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide

Keene’s Eating Garlic is so flavorful & easy to use that you won’t want to go back to grocery store garlic again! Although you can eat any size of garlic we carry, our Organic Heirloom Eating Garlic is culinary bulb size, usually just under 2”, although sometimes bigger. Your Eating Garlic order may come labeled by variety, but oftentimes it’ll be a mix of different heirloom varieties. These easy-to-peel cloves are perfect in the kitchen. You will love the depth of flavor that homegrown garlic provides!

Organic Heirloom Eating Garlic Details

  • Robust, Homegrown Flavor!
  • All-Purpose Garlic for Culinary & Medicinal Purposes
  • Certified Organic!
  • Easy-to-Peel Cloves
  • Culinary-Size Bulbs, Perfect for the Kitchen
  • Available in 1/4lb., 1/2lb. & 1lb. Increments
  • Shipping Starts in August

Basic Information about Keene’s Eating Garlic

Special Requests: Please note that we cannot take varietal requests for Organic Heirloom Eating Garlic. If you have a specific variety that you’d like to try, we recommend that you order the “Culinary” size of your desired variety.

Bulbs per Pound: Typically, you’ll receive about 8-10 culinary-sized bulbs per pound.

Storage: Our hand-harvested Gourmet Eating Garlic should store many months with proper storage practices. For information on how to store your garlic, check out our page:  Storing Garlic Instructions.

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