Garlic Bulbs for making Black Garlic


Garlic Ships in Fall!

5lb. Garlic Package to make highly medicinal Black Garlic!

About 42-47 Bulbs per 5lb. package.

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Heirloom Garlic Certified Organic – best used to make Black Garlic
  • This is a 5lb. garlic bulb package for you to make your own Black Garlic
  • We have been using our heirloom porcelain garlic varieties to make the best black garlic with large cloves that fit perfectly into black garlic makers.
  • Garlic bulbs will have 4-5 jumbo cloves per bulb which is best for making and eating black garlic.
  • This is enough to fill your black garlic maker 2 times and leaves you a few bulbs for eating.
  • These are highly medicinal organically grown garlic bulbs. 
  • These bulbs have large garlic cloves which is best for making and using black garlic. 
  • These are the types of garlic our black garlic customers have been using for over 5 years.
  • With and annual July harvest these bulbs will store until April annually (under well stored conditions) or until you can process them into black garlic.

Please note: this is not black garlic, but heirloom garlic bulbs used to make black garlic by using a black garlic machine or a rice cooker.

We do not sell any solo garlic as we only get a few pounds a year of those.  These garlic bulbs will have about 4-6 jumbo cloves per bulb.

We use a Nex Black Garlic Maker and produce wonderful tasting black garlic that we try to eat daily for medicinal benefits.


All our garlic is: organically grown, heirloom, family farm grown, NON-GMO, non irradiated, highly medicinal, and full flavored garlic. 

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