Organic Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1s


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Granulated Organic Garlic Fertilizer



Organic Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1s

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Our special blend of OMRI listed organic granulated fertilizer (allowed for use by our organic certifier) that we use for our garlic, and can be used on all your veggies.  We even use it on our lawn!

Midwestern Bio-Ag Customized Blend Organic Fertilizer Garlic 5-2-2-1s (with micro-nutrients)

Application Rate:  4 Sq.Ft.= 2oz (1/4 Cup)

Before Planting:  Incorporate into soil at double the application rate before planting.

Spring Application:  Apply about 3 times in early spring. Broadcast onto the soil surface over garlic in the spring every 10 days until the garlic bulbs produce a scape.

After garlic scapes, do NOT fertilize garlic.

Water thoroughly after the application.


Feather Meal 13-0-0 (OMRI Listed nsf-0329)

Compost (OMRI Listed pvo-937)

Microhume (OMRI allowed with restrictions mba-2956)

Intrepid Trio (OMRI Listed ipm-0832)

Sulfate of Potash Organic K+ (OMRI Listed gsl-1944)

Supercal SO4 (OMRI Listed cpr-1476)


Guaranteed Analysis                                  Secondary Nutrients                     Micro-nutrients

Nitrogen (N) 5%

Available Phosphate (P205) 2%

Soluble Potash (K20) 2%


Calcium (Ca) 2%

Sulfur (S) 5.9%

Boron (B) .10%

Copper (C) .05%

Manganese (Mn) .10%

Zinc (Zn) .15%


If you are a certified organic farmer, you must have your fertilizers reviewed by your organic certifiers before use.

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