Southern States (US) - Heat Tolerant Garlic

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Southern States (US) – Heat Tolerant Garlic for Fall Planting begins shipping in early September.

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Growing garlic in the South can be challenging, but many folks grow garlic in warmer regions with great success. We have been working with growers in grow zones 7+ for years now and are happy to share what we’ve learned from them with you.

Growing Garlic in Warmer Regions

  • Garlic growing in warm regions requires more effort and care.
  • Try different varieties to find one that works best for your area.
  • Softnecks, Creoles, Turbans & a few Purple Stripes-Available Varieties Below.
  • Plant Later, Harvest Earlier- Watch Crop Carefully
  • Vernalization- Simulate Winter by Chilling Your Garlic in Fridge for 2-3+ weeks.
  • Shipping Starts in Early September

Where to start? We recommend reaching out to your local extension office to get basic information about growing in your area. The key is to find the right variety for your soil & your microclimate. It is often a good idea to try a small amount of several different varieties to find which variety grows best in your area.

The Basics: Softneck varieties are well-adapted to warmer weather and are a great place to start. Weak-bolting hardnecks, like Creoles & Turbans, are beautiful & take the heat well. Hardneck varieties generally do not like the heat, but there are a few well-adapted Purple Stripes that southern growers have had success with.

Purple Creole Naturally Grown Garlic Bulbs

Purple Creole Naturally Grown Garlic Bulbs

Softneck Garlic Braids

Softneck Garlic Braids

Warm Region Garlic Growing Information

  • Garlic needs full sun so plan your garden accordingly.
  • Garlic prefers rich composted & well-drained soil. It is a heavy feeder so fertilize properly with a well-balanced fertilizer. See our Fertilization Soak page to see how we do it!
  • Weed regularly as garlic does not compete well with weeds. Mulch is recommended for keeping the soil moisture level consistent and weeds at bay.
  • Southern growers typically plant later than in the Northern regions.
  • Harvest times are usually earlier. Pay close attention to your crops when the heat sets in.
  • Vernalization: Many Southern growers find it helpful to vernalize their cloves before planting. Mimic winter by placing your cloves in the fridge for 2-3+ weeks.

How to Grow Fall Planting Garlic

For more information, check out our page:  Quick Garlic Growing Instructions

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