Fall Planting

Now Taking Keene Garlic Fall Planting Pre-Orders! Shipping Starts In September

Garlic for Planting in the Fall

Garlic store is open! Great garlic available for 2023!

2023 was a great year for our garlic!  Great big healthy bulbs!

Fall Garlic is planted in the fall and harvested in the summer, then cured. After curing, garlic becomes ready for shipping between September to December. Most customers order early to reserve their garlic.  We are typically sold out of garlic by early winter and pre-orders open up again in Spring the following year. For best availability order early.

See our website task bar under How to Grow Garlic for step by step instructions.

There is always a limited supply of garlic available nationwide since heirloom garlic is a labor intensive crop with limited growers, so for best results, order early to reserve your garlic. Garlic growers plant in the fall for a summer harvest and fall delivery to gardeners that plant in October.

Farmers/Garden Centers/Homesteaders Garlic Growers:  Bulk Discounts! Contact us for Bulk Orders Now! Reserve garlic seed right after  for planting in the fall.  Wholesale pricing for Bulk orders. (608)215-7599

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