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Red Shallots – Certified Organic 1lb. (about 25-35+ plantable small shallot bulbs)

1lb. of Holland Reddish-copper elongated tear drop shaped bulbs with a savory flavor.  A versatile flavor sautéed or served raw in your salad dressing. This one can produce tenfold. Known well for excellent yield and performance.  Red Shallots – Certified Organic are best planted in fall for a summer harvest. Also can be planted in early spring.  Shallots do well in fertile well drained soil with 1″ water a week.

    • Certified Organic
    • 1lb. of plantable shallot bulbs (about 25-35+)
    • Great multipliers! 1lb. planted can reap up to 10lbs. at harvest.
    • Super flavorful, very versatile in the kitchen!
    • Ready to Plant
    • Easy to Grow
    • A “foodie” favorite!
    • Fall or spring planted
  • SHIPPING INFORMATION: We ship shallot sets starting in early March. For more information, see our Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide.

Basic Shallot Growing Info

Sun Requirement: Shallots require full sun – the more the better! Therefore, avoid planting next to crops that might shade your shallots.
Soil Fertility: Shallots prefer soil with a pH between 6.2 and 6.8. If your soil is too acidic, add ground limestone; if it is too alkaline, add peat moss. Adding compost or a balanced organic fertilizer is essential for growing healthy onions, especially if your soil fertility is low. For the best growth and yield, shallots need fertilizer at planting time and additional side dressing.
Planting: Shallots grow best on raised beds or raised rows at least 4″ high. Plant your shallots up to 4 to 6 weeks before the last estimated spring frost.


Our Organic Garlic Fertilizer works great for shallots too! Its special formulation offers nutrients that all alliums need. Keene Garlic’s Fertilizer is rich in just the right blend of macro- & micro-nutrients, all from organic sources, for healthier, larger garlic, onion & shallot bulbs.

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