Organic Onion Transplants and Sets for Spring Planting

SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON 2023! Please return in January 2024 to order early for spring planting.

Pre-Orders for Spring Onion Transplants and Sets begin Mid-January.

***NOTE: Our Onion Transplants ship in April. If your region requires planting earlier than April, our Onion Sets, that ship beginning in March would be a better option.

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  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC ONION TRANSPLANT DETAILS: Our onion transplants are greenhouse grown on a small family farm & are dormant when shipped. It is normal for them to be pale & slightly dry due to dormancy & shipping. In fact, onions are very hardy & can live off of the bulb for approximately three weeks. Generally, we recommend planting within one week. These healthy transplants will thrive if well cared for. For your gardening success, we have switched from selling potted onion plants to onion transplants.
  • ONION SET DETAILS: We also have onion sets which are small pearl sized bulbs that are planted whole for a summer harvest.  Choose from yellow, red, or white onion sets.  Onion Sets can ship earlier, beginning in March.
  • LONG DAY & INTERMEDIATE DAY ONIONS: All of the varieties of our onion transplants & sets are either Long-Day or Intermediate-Day. They are adapted best for latitudes as far north as Maine to as far south as Northern Texas, depending on the variety. Our onions are not adapted for Short-Day regions.

Basic Onion Growing Info-

Sun Requirement: Onions require full sun – the more the better! Therefore, avoid planting next to crops that might shade your onions.
Soil Fertility: Onions prefer soil with a pH between 6.2 and 6.8. If your soil is too acidic, add ground limestone; if it is too alkaline, add peat moss. Adding compost or a balanced organic fertilizer is essential for growing healthy onions, especially if your soil fertility is low. For the best growth and yield, onions need fertilizer at planting time and additional side dressing.
Planting: Onions grow best on raised beds or raised rows at least 4″ high. Typically, onions can be planted as early as 4 to 6 weeks before the last estimated spring frost.
***For detailed instructions on how to grow onions from planting to fertilizing, all the way to harvest/storage, see this post on our blog: Keene Garlic Onion Transplant Guide


Keene Garlic works with small organic farmers in our region that produce some of the best quality products such as garlic, onions, potatoes, and shallots.  Our experienced farmers have been growing for generations to share top notch products for your gardens, farm, and growing pleasure.  When you purchase from Keene Garlic you are supporting small organic family farms, and you are making a difference!

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