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Set your gardener up for Spring garlic planting.
Garlic Gardeners Gift Box Includes:

Great Gift Set for your that special Gardener and Cook in your life! 

  • Organic Garlic 1.5lbs. of Softneck Garlic (About 12 bulbs or 160-180 cloves) of 3 types of garlic for spring planting (this ships in March in time for spring planting)

These items ship ASAP for your gift package:

Set your garlic gardener up for success!  Garlic Seeds ship in March. Then the rest of the items ship right away.  Special Blend Organic fertilizer that garlic needs before planting and spring time application.  Purple cow Supercharger fertilizer is used to soak the garlic cloves before planting and also for fertilizing the soil before planting.  A Wisconsin made unique multipurpose hand held garden tool that can be used for weeding, cultivating, and digging rows. 3 row markers to mark the rows of garlic with the type of garlic planted. Then, a little special Keene Garlic’s homemade garlic powder just to give your gift recipient a taste of the home grown garlic to come!


Our Garlic Powder and Granulated Garlic are made from our Certified Organic gourmet heirloom garlic grown in Wisconsin.  To keep as much as the nutrients available in the garlic powder, we dehydrate our garlic at a low heat and then our garlic is ground into a course grind for granulated garlic and fine into powder.  You will notice that the flavor of the garlic powder is stronger than what you get in the grocery store, and we don’t add any preservatives or anti caking agents, so it’s 100% garlic powder.  Of course, our garlic is home grown around Wisconsin, organic, gourmet, heirloom garlic, and  since we are Certified Organic, our garlic is NON GMO, and non irradiated.

Our garlic powder and granulated garlic is made of our organically grown heirloom garlic grown on idyllic small family vegetable farms around Madison, WI where the health of the soil and crop is our top priority! The heirloom garlic bulb varieties we use have a stronger gourmet flavor and are higher in the organosulfur compounds and the medicinal properties of Allicin.  We have been making our own garlic powder for over 12 years, and we add it to every dish we can from seasoning meats, vegetables, sauces, and garlic bread! The flavor and taste supersedes any other garlic powder, and we always tell our customers you can use less of our garlic powder compared to other garlic powders, but over seasoning with garlic in our kitchen is normal and welcomed!


We want to thank you for purchasing from not just our small business and farm but also the from the 30 farmers that put so much labor and love into producing some the of the best heirloom organic garlic in the US.  Your purchase makes a real difference in supporting our families.  We are grateful for your support and business and appreciate all the love and support our customers send our way!



1.6 Net Weight OZ. (45g) will fill 1 standard size spice jar.  About 1/2 cup or 4 ounces




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Weight 10 lbs
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