BioActive Supercharger Fertilizer

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Easy to use soluble powder!

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BioActive Supercharger Fertilizer

BioActive Supercharger will supercharge your plants, providing them with living organisms and trace minerals to produce healthy plants and nutrient dense vegetables and fruits. When your plants are healthier, you are healthier. Veggie Supercharger contains organic humates and kelp meal – which provide Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and other trace minerals – it utilizes endomycorrhizal fungi – which are known to help with nutrient uptake at the roots. It is a soluble powder that is meant to be used in Purple Cow Compost Tea or water, and is an easy-to-use way to feed your plants “immediately.”  We use this fertilizer in our fertilization soak and we also mix in water to spray or pour over our garlic or plants.  We also use BioActive Supercharger mixed with Purple Cow’s CX1 as a foliar spray to keep our garlic healthy and to grow large bulbs.


How to Organically Fertilize Garlic use Purple Cow Organic Fertilizers:

For fall:

In the spring:

  • Apply Bio-Active All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer– Purple Cow 4-6-4 to soil per application rates on packaging as soon as garlic sprouts. Apply 3-4 times per season, about every 10-14 days, starting in early spring until garlic scape emerges. Broadcast directly onto the mulch or soil surface. Rain and/or watering will push the nutrients through to the soil.

Use as a foliar feed or soil drench:

  • Mix 1 Tbsp. of BIOACTIVE LiquiLife™+ 1 Tbsp. BioActive Supercharger™, + 1 Gallon of Water.
  • Spray directly onto foliage, preferably towards the end of the day.
  • Reapply every 10-14 days until right before garlic scapes appear.

***You can use this fertilization plan on your other garden vegetables too!***


Humic Acid

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Soluble Potash


Why Use BioActive Supercharger?

  • Soluble – Works in water or Purple Cow Compost Tea, great for watering cans and tank or backpack sprayers. Also can be sprinkled over soil and watered in
  • Quick Results – Feeds the plants “immediately” at the leaf surface in addition to the root system
  • Includes Mycorrhizae – Not included in most organic soluble fertilizers

***Note: If you are a certified organic grower, you must have your fertilizers reviewed by your organic certifier before use.

Purple Cow now has the BIOACTIVE Supercharger™ as a liquid. You can find it as part of the “Liquid Biology Bundle” in the Garlic Complete Organic Fertilization Package and the

Complete Fert Pack with Garlic Fertilizer 1

Complete Fert Pack with Garlic Fertilizer 

Purple Cow Organic Fertilization Package!

Purple Cow Organic Fertilization 1

Purple Cow Organic Fertilization 

See our Garlic Fertilization Soak Page for more useful information!

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Supercharger Fertilizer


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