Wilcox All-Purpose Trowel 11″


Length: 11″ Width: 3″ Weight: 8.8 oz | Digging, Weeding, Planting, Harvesting, All-Purpose Trowel | Durable, Sturdy, Stainless Steel| Lifetime Guarantee | Made in the USA | Free Shipping

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Wilcox All-Purpose Digging Trowel 11″ Garden Tool

Wilcox All-Purpose Garden Digging Trowel is sturdy and made in the USA!

This Wilcox All-Purpose Trowel 11″ is one of our favorite garden tools due to the multipurpose ways we can use it.  It is the right size and strength for digging up soil and pulling out those pesky weeds.  The sharp point is great for digging the exact size you need for planting your seeds, and then covering them up.  Makes transplanting a breeze! The best part is it’s useful for harvesting those small plants like radishes, green onions, green garlic, a few garlic bulbs, turnips, and much more. A digging trowel like this one with one of a kind value is the very reason we offer this product in our store to you.

  • PRODUCT SPECS: Width: 3″ Length: 11″ Weight: 8.8 oz
  • HOW TO USE: If you are using this trowel for planting your garlic cloves the ruler built into the stainless steel will help you determine how deep to dig your furrow. The cloves need a furrow that is about 3” deep (depending on the size of the clove), and the ultimate goal is to get one inch of soil over the tip of the garlic clove.  We suggest mulching with straw to cover the garlic cloves. The All-Purpose Digging Trowel is also great to harvest your green garlic in the spring.  If you also for some reason needed to transplant a few of your garlic plants in the spring, it will also be useful if you have to transplant some of your garlic in the spring to gently lift the plant and transplant it into a new spot of nice loamy soil.
  • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Wilcox’s offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products!
  • ABOUT US: Keene Garlic and our garlic growers have been working with some of the best tools for our gardens, farms, and growing garlic, and we want to share some of the best US made tools on the market that we have found works well and lasts. We love the Wilcox All-Purpose Trowel 11″.


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