How to Store until Planting Time – Organic Garlic, Potatoes & More

Your order has arrived and you can’t plant right away? Perhaps your garden beds aren’t ready yet or life is just busy at the moment. While it is usually best to get your items in the ground as soon as you’ve received them, sometimes you just need a little more time. In any case, it is up to you to properly store your products until planting time. Read below to see our recommendations on how to store each of our fresh products to ensure they are in good shape by planting time.

All Keene Garlic Products

No matter what Keene Garlic product you order, it is essential that you unpack your box and inspect your entire order, including your pack slip, immediately after receipt. Notify us within 3 days of delivery of any missing or damaged items by sending an email to Provide a photo of your pack slip and the products in question with your email. See our Keene Garlic Return Policy for more information.

Best Before Planting Storage Practices

Planting Garlic

Green Garlic

Purple Creole Garlic Bulbs
Purple Creole
  • All garlic will arrive in a netted bag, labeled by variety.
  • Remove from the box and store in a cool, dry, dark place until planting. Keep garlic away from potatoes while storing.
Green Garlic Keene 2
Green Garlic Seed

Onion Sets

Shallot Sets

Red Wethersfield Onion Sets Naturally Grown
Red Wethersfield Onion Sets
  • Onion & Shallot Sets will arrive in a netted bag, labeled by variety.
  • Remove from the box and store in a cool, dry, dark place until planting. Keep onions and shallots away from potatoes while storing.
Red Shallot Sets Certified Organic
Certified Organic Red Shallot Sets

Onion/Leek Transplants

Shallot Transplants

Onion Transplants Certified Organic
Organic Onion Transplants
  • Unpack your box immediately & carefully take transplants out of the paper bags. Keep them in a well-ventilated area, WITHOUT WATER OR SOIL until you are ready to plant.
  • Transplants are dormant and may appear dry. Onions can live off of the bulb for ~3 weeks. We recommend planting within 1 week of receipt.
Organic Conservor Shallot Transplants
Organic Conservor Shallot Transplants

Asparagus Crowns

Horseradish Crowns

Asparagus Bare Root Crowns
  • Our asparagus & horseradish crowns are dug just before shipment. Asparagus & Horseradish will arrive as bare root, dormant crowns.
  • Unpack your box immediately and remove asparagus & horseradish crowns from paper bags. Untie any bundles & carefully spread out. Do not water the roots upon arrival. Keep them in a cool, dry area until they can be planted.
  • Asparagus & Horseradish can be planted as soon as you can work your soil.
Horseradish Freshly Dug
Horseradish Freshly Dug

Seed Potatoes

Color Palette Seed Potato Sampler- Organic
Color Palette Seed Potato Sampler
  • Remove potatoes from box and netted bag. If eyes are not yet visible, we recommend placing them in light & warmth, ~60-70F, to awaken them out of dormancy.
  • 1-2 days before planting, use a sharp knife to slice larger seed potatoes into smaller pieces. Each piece should contain 2-3 eyes, smaller potatoes can be planted whole. Allow cuts to form a dry skin before planting.
Season-Long Seed Potato Sampler- Organic
Season-Long Seed Potato Sampler


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    I’ve received my onion transplants. We have had quite a bit of rain. I would say at least and inch or better. Can I still plant with the soil this wet? Thank you for your response.

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