Now taking orders for spring bulb planting!

We are now shipping garlic powder and fertilizers via USPS priority mail with 2-3 day shipping.

We will start taking garlic bulbs orders for spring planting in a few weeks.  Check back for our new spice blends and custom organic fertilizers.

<<<Jumbo Size - Jumbo planting size 2.25"+, but most fall right around 2.25" and can get to 2.75+" but the super jumbo are rare because although we have few of them and little of this size gets sold.  It is nice to have these size bulbs, but they don't size up larger as they are already at the maximum size.  If you want the largest bulbs, order JUMBO size.
<<<Large Size - Good Planting size
<<<Culinary size - Small or medium sized bulbs similar to grocery store sizes and are best suited for eating.  They can be planted, but you will harvest small/medium bulbs, so for best results and if you want to harvest large bulbs plant the large or jumbo bulbs.


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Order Bulbs for Spring Planting!

Garlic Spice Blends are coming soon!

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