Organic Garlic Container Garden Kit


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5 Gallon, Natural, Cut Handles
5 Gallon, Black, Cut Handles
15 Gallon, Natural, Strap Handles
15 Gallon, Black, Strap Handles

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Organic Garlic Container Garden Kit

Limited on space but still want to grow your own garlic? Try our organic garlic combined with USA-made breathable Smart Pots. This easy-to-use kit also comes with organic fertilizer and metal plant markers. All you need to add is soil!

Our Organic Garlic Container Garden Kit starts out right with the Smart Pot ® Fabric Planter. Their patented design is a result of over 30 years of working with growers and gardeners of all kinds. Smart Pot ® Fabric Planters help your plants thrive by promoting exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth. The breathable fabric allows for excellent drainage & aeration of the soil to encourage fuller root systems. Ordinary plastic plant containers promote root circling resulting in stunted plants. Smart Pot ® Fabric Planters’ unique air flow encourages roots to grow more in the center of the pot, which results in stronger, more robust vegetables, flowers, plants, and herbs. Smart Pot ® Fabric Planters are extremely simple to use. Simply unfold, fill with soil and start planting. They are also safe for organic gardening as they are BPA and Lead Free.

Container Garden Kit Details

    • Smart Pot Fabric Planter- Small Kit: 5 Gallon, Large Kit: 15 Gallon Size. Both sizes come in Natural or Black
    • Heirloom Garlic in two different varieties. (Small Kit comes with 1 bulb of each variety & Large Kit comes with 2 bulbs of each variety)
    • Organic Garlic Fertilizer- 1lb.


PROFESSIONAL GROWERS APPROVE: Professional growers all over the USA use Smart Pot ® Fabric Planters & they know the container matters. More roots means more fruits!  They are BPA Free and Lead Free allowing for organic growing of your fruits and veggies.

ABOUT US: Keene Garlic and our garlic growers have been working with some of the best tools for our garden, farms and growing our garlic. We want to share some of the best US-made tools on the market that we have found work well and last. Smart Pot ® Fabric Planters are high-quality options for container gardening. We find them very handy and easy to move. Eco-friendly too, as they are BPA & Lead Free and can be used for many seasons. We also love that the Smart Pot ® Fabric Planters do not get damaged if left in freezing temps after the season is over. We are impressed with the sturdiness & versatility and think you will be too!



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