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Magic Molly Fingerling Seed Potatoes

Organic Magic Molly Fingerling Seed Potatoes, we have fun calling them “Powerhouse Potatoes”!

Magic Molly Fingerling Seed Potatoes are incredible tubers  packed with antioxidants that showcase a deep purple skin as well as deep purple flesh . Fantastic market appeal with a truly versatile nature. A most wonderful addition to a tray of roasted beets & carrots, or paired with the Austrian Crescent and French Fingerlings. Although these magical gems are considered a late season potato, we love to dig some of these beauties early & let some grow larger. Excellent storage capabilities.

    • Medium to Late Season Potatoes
    • 65-85 days
    • Deep Purple Skin and Deep Purple Flesh
    • High Yields
    • Excellent Storage Capabilities
    • If a seed potato is over 1 inch in diameter, you can cut them into pieces. Leave 1 – 2 eyes per piece. Fingerling, 12-14 pieces/lb avg., 1-lb bag plants approx. 10′-12′. Average planting rate: 10-12″ apart, in rows 30-36″ apart.
  • PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS: Step-by-step planting instructions will be provided with your order. For more information, see our Potato Planting blog.
  • ORGANIC & HOMEGROWN: Our seed potatoes are grown on a small organic family farm in Wisconsin & are double certified. Certified Organic by MOSA and also certified by the Wisconsin Seed Potato Certification Program to bring gardeners the healthiest, disease-free potatoes and without varietal mixture.
  • SHIPPING INFORMATION: Check out the Keene Garlic Seasonal Order Shipping Guide for information on when our seed potatoes ship.


Keene Garlic works with small organic farmers in our region that produce some of the best quality products such as garlic, onions, potatoes, and shallots.  Our experienced farmers have been growing for generations to share top notch products for your gardens, farm, and growing pleasure.  When you purchase from Keene Garlic you are supporting small organic family farms, and you are making a difference!

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