When to harvest garlic

Harvesting Garlic

In South Central Wisconsin, we harvest garlic in late July. Your region will have an annual time to harvest, so watch your garlic closely at this time.  Plants start to die back from the bottom and the leaves start to yellow letting us know it is getting time to harvest.  When we see 5 green leaves remaining from the top of the plant (count from the top leaf to the bottom).  It is always a good idea to keep checking your garlic a few weeks before harvest.  You may even want to harvest a bulb every few days to see how they are developing.  The goal is to harvest the largest bulbs possible, each leaf is a wrapper and you want about 4 wrappers, harvest before the bulb rots, not harvest to early, and harvest healthy long storing bulbs.  

Signs that garlic is ready to harvest:

  • 5 green leaves remaining from the top
  • If you did not pick the scape, the scape will point to the sky
  • If you cut a bulb in half, it is starting to pull away from hardneck.