Keene Garlic PBS Garden Expo Presentation 2023

How to Grow Garlic In Wisconsin Tips & Tricks

Keene Garlic is presenting at the PBS Madison Garden Expo February 11 and 12, 2022 on “How to Grow Garlic in Wisconsin – Tips and Tricks”.  We will be introducing Keene Garlic and all our offerings.  This spring we have certified organic onions, garlic, and shallots.  A great line of organic fertilizers that grow garlic and other vegetables.  We are also introducing our new seasoning line.  We use Wisconsin grown garlic bulbs and scapes and make into wonderful unique seasonings that flavor food and dishes.  They are a must try to get that home grown heirloom garlic flavor!

Growing garlic in Wisconsin will be cover the best time to plant, getting good seed stock, the best varieties to grow in our region, and recommend tried and true heirloom varieties that are east to grow and always product great garlic.  We talk in depth and provide information on the families of garlic and which ones grow best. 

We also discuss getting your soil prepared for a good garlic crop.  We talk about how to fertilize garlic as it is a heavy feeder and some of the best organic fertilizers that we have found that work well.  We cover garlic diseases.  Then, we go on to discuss the caring of garlic until harvest.

We have to spend time on green garlic and garlic scapes. We also provide recipes which can also be found on our website.  Since green garlic is such a great and easy addition to a garden we discuss how to grow green garlic and how to use in in your kitchen. 

We show you how we clean garlic for curing, and how we cure our garlic.  Then, how we store garlic so we can get long storage so we don’t have to buy garlic from the grocery store.

We appreciate being able to share our love of garlic to all garlic growers and our goal is to have a nation of successful garlic growers, so we all can share the excitement of growing this fun and tasty crop that can’t be purchased – only grown. 

Thank You,

Keene Garlic