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Chinese Five Spice with Keene Garlic – Organic (2oz)(57g) | US Midwest Grown Garlic from Small Idyllic Garlic Farms | Gluten-Free, Salt-Free & Non-GMO | Certified Organic by MOSA | Adds Homegrown Garlic Flavor and Nutrition

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Organic Chinese 5 Spice Seasoning

Chinese Five Spice with Keene Garlic – Organic: (2oz.)(57g) Net Wt.

  • REAL INGREDIENTS, REAL FLAVOR: Organic garlic, organic star anise, organic cloves, organic cinnamon, organic fennel seed and organic black pepper. SALT FREE!
  • HOW TO USE: Add Chinese five spices seasoning to stir-fry, chow mein, dumplings. It also goes well in soups and as a rub for roasted meats. There are also some great unique dessert recipes out there that feature Chinese five spice, such as cakes, cookies, and breads!
  • STRONG GARLIC FLAVOR: Chinese five spice is developed to include all five tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and hot or pungent/spicy. It has a warm, spicy yet sweet flavor with one-of-a-kind aroma.
  • ORGANIC & HOMEGROWN: Keene Garlic’s Organic Chinese Five Spice is gluten-free, contains no MSG, and is produced in small batches in Madison, Wisconsin. All of our seasonings are grown and processed without the use of toxic pesticides, irradiation, or GMOs.
  • ABOUT US: Keene Garlic is committed to building a sustainable, mutually beneficial organic garlic infrastructure that ensures positive returns to customers, growers and producers while protecting ecological, economic and consumer health. Our pure, potent seasonings bring real bite to everything you make, eat and share.

Special Offering – Keene Garlic has a new line of organic seasoning blends with homemade Keene Garlic Powder blended into each of our full flavored organic seasoning blends.  Try our new seasonings at our sale price and provide any feedback or recipes you use them in!  We will soon be offering them in jars with refillable pouches.  All for the the love of garlic!

US Midwest Grown Garlic from small idyllic garlic farms | Gluten-Free, Salt-Free & Non-GMO | Certified Organic by MOSA | Adds Homegrown Garlic Flavor and Nutrition

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