Purple Cow Organics All-Purpose Veggie Mix, 1 CF Bag


Great All-Purpose Garden soil for containers and pots.

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Purple Cow Organics All-Purpose Veggie Mix, 1 CF Bag OMRI Listed for Organic growing

  • Best organic on the market for growing organic in pots and containers.
  • IT’S OMRI listed for organic growing! Feel good about the hearty and flavorful veggies you grow in this organic and all-natural blend
  • FOR CONTAINERS! Limited space? You can still have a garden! Veggie Mix is a ready-to-use mix, just fill the container and plant your seedlings
  • COMPOST BASED! Contains all the essential plant nutrients and beneficial organic matter
  • INCLUDES FERTILITY! Starting you off with enough fertility for those lighter feeders;  and if you are growing garlic which is a heavy feeder add BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer for best results

All Purpose Veggie Mix – Keene Garlic


Product Specifications


Purple Cow Compost
Sphagnum Peat Moss
Bone Meal
Kelp Meal
Poultry Litter
Volcanic Ash

What Makes All-Purpose Veggie Mix Different?
  • A light weight growing media with peat and perlite
  • Better drainage characteristics than denser growing mixes
  • Contains enough fertility to take lighter feeding vegetables to harvest without burning young plants
  • For heavier feeders, use with BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer for best results
  • Intended for growing vegetables in containers and smart pots

All-Purpose Veggie Mix Info Sheet

If you are a certified organic farmer, you must have your fertilizers reviewed by your organic certifiers before use.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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