Wilcox Short-Handled Weeder 9″


Length: 9″ Width: 1.5″ Weight: 4 oz | Short-Handle for popping out those long pesty weeds | Durable, Sturdy, Stainless Steel| Lifetime Guarantee | Made in the USA | Free Shipping

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Wilcox Short-Handled Weeder 9″

Wilcox Short-Handled Weeder is made in the USA and guaranteed to last!

Wilcox Short-Handled Weeder 9 is excellent for digging those short-rooted weeds. Great for use in tight areas with delicate plants. Makes ease of getting smaller weeds out of your garden. The short handle weeding tool gives good leverage and the sharp V notch helps to pop the weeds. It also helps keep hands from aching after a long day in the garden. We keep this in our garden tool bucket because we find it so useful around our garden and different veggie plants. Wilcox Short-Handled Weeder is a one-of-a-kind garden tool that will last a lifetime and provide more than one use around your garden and home.

  • PRODUCT SPECS: Width: 1.5″” Length: 9″” Weight: 4 oz Stainless Steel
  • HOW TO USE: Great to use all around the garden and around garlic beds. Our veggies do not compete well with weeds so keeping out of the garden is essential to a good crop. Yeswe know it is an impossible task but getting a good handle on the weeds is a worthy accomplishment. It also feeds to soul knowing you are tending to the valuable food you are creating that will feed your mind and body. The key is to get them while they are small and this tool is perfect for those weeds. Use the sharp point to point into the soil next to the weed and pop out the weed and root. On to the next!
  • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Wilcox’s offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products!
  • ABOUT US: Keene Garlic and our garlic growers have been working with some of the best tools for our gardens farms and growing garlic and we want to share some of the best US made tools on the market that we have found works well and lasts. We love the Wilcox Short-Handled Weeder because we can forge out the weeds to close to the garlic bulbs.


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