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Garden Weeder’s Tool Collection – Tackle those weeds with US-made tools built to last!

These are our favorite garden tools!  Sturdy & Made in the Midwest.

All-Purpose Ergonomic Weeding Tool:

  • CobraHead Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Tool. Made in Wisconsin! We have been using CobraHead gardening tools in our garden and farm for almost 2 decades.  This unique item is great at pulling out reluctant weeds, breaking up tough soil, planting seeds, with a blade design that can cut through any soil with precision and durability. It weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests with ease.
    • PRODUCT SPECS: Width: 1.5″, Length: 13″, Weight: 9.2 oz, Materials: Tempered Steel & Recycled Composite Handle.
    • HOW TO USE: Simply use this ergonomic tool to scrape and dig in all the tight spots around the garden.  Can be used to get those pesky weeds in walkways or around tender seedlings. Works for both left-hand & right-hand motions. The blade acts as a “steel fingernail”, just like an extension of your hand.
    • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: CobraHead offers a one-year unconditional warranty.

Multi-Use Serrated Trowel:

  • Wilcox Serrated Gator Trowel 11 is a handy all-around digger for gardening and treasure hunting. The extra-tough “Gator’s teeth” are the serrated edges that are great for those pesky roots & weeds. This all-purpose digging trowel with a serrated edge is one of our favorite garden tools. This is no ordinary trowel! We find the serrated edges so practical all over the garden. The engraved measurements come in handy when planting as well. This multi-function tool is one of our favorites & we think you’ll agree!
    • PRODUCT SPECS: Width: 3″” Length: 11″” Weight: 8.8 oz Stainless Steel
    • HOW TO USE: Use as you would any trowel. Serrated edges can also be used to tackle difficult weeds! If you are using this trowel for planting your garlic cloves, the ruler built into the stainless steel will help you determine how deep to dig your furrow. The cloves need a furrow that is about 3” deep (depending on the size of the clove) and the ultimate goal is to get one inch of soil over the tip of the garlic clove. We suggest mulching with straw to cover the garlic cloves. Wilcox Serrated Gator Trowel 11″ is helpful is you need to find the garlic sprout in the spring that didn’t make it through the mulch by moving the mulch around with the trowel.
    • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Wilcox’s offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products!

Extra Leverage:

  • Wilcox Long-Handled Weeder 18  is wonderful for weeding around the garden and tackling those long-rooted weeds like dandelions or Canadian thistle. The long handle gives good leverage and the sharp point helps to pop the weeds. The extra length provides good leverage for digging in tough terrain. It also helps keep hands from aching after a long day in the garden. Wilcox Long-Handled Weeder is a one-of-a-kind garden tool that will last a lifetime and provide more than one use around your garden and home.
    • PRODUCT SPECS: Width: 1.5″, Length: 18″, Weight: 8.8 oz, Stainless Steel
    • HOW TO USE: Great to use all around the garden and around garlic beds. Our veggies do not compete well with weeds so keeping out of the garden is essential to a good crop. Yes, we know weeding can be an impossible task but getting a good handle on the weeds is a worthy accomplishment. It also feeds to soul knowing you are tending to the valuable food you are creating that will feed your mind and body. Use the sharp point to point into the soil next to the weed and pop out the weed and root. On to the next one!
    • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Wilcox’s offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products!

ABOUT US: Keene Garlic and our garlic growers have been working with some of the best tools for our gardens farms and growing garlic. We want to share some of the best US made tools on the market that we have found work well and last. We love the Wilcox & CobraHead products and think you will too!

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