Wilcox All-Purpose Discovery Knife


Length: 10″ Width: 1″ Weight: 7 oz | One of a kind garden tool to cut through twine, roots and weeds and open your beer | Stainless Steel| Lifetime Guarantee | Made in the USA| Free Shipping

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Wilcox All-Purpose Discovery Knife

All-Purpose Discovery Knife is made in the USA and guaranteed to last!

Wilcox All-Purpose Discovery Knife is a handy tool to have around. It can cut through weeds, vines and string. Its slightly curved sharp blade with measuring marks can also be used for digging, as well as popping the top on a cold beverage on a hot summer day. This new design is unique and has so many uses. This can be used for cutting, weeding, measuring, drawing lines in the soil, and removing unwanted roots and weeds. We keep this in our garden tool bucket because we find it so useful around our garden and different veggie plants. Wilcox Discovery Knife is a one-of-a-kind garden tool that will last a lifetime!

  • PRODUCT SPECS: Width: 1″ Length: 10″ Weight: 7 oz
  • HOW TO USE: Use the slightly curved sharp blade edge around the garden to cut roots & twine. Useful measuring marks on the blade make it easy to take quick measurements. Equipped with a bottle opener on the side to pop a cold beverage on a hot summer day!
  • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Wilcox’s offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products!
  • ABOUT US: Keene Garlic and our garlic growers have been working with some of the best tools for our gardens, farms, and growing garlic, and we want to share some of the best US made tools on the market that we have found works well and lasts. Wilcox Discovery Knife is a one-of-a-kind garden tool that will last a lifetime and provide more than one use around your garden and home.

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