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Why Keene Garlic?

We offer organically grown garlic with unique heirloom varieties for culinary and planting uses. Our Wisconsin garlic farm in collaboration with other small local family farms allow us to proudly serve only US grown garlic. This unity allows us to provide exceptional quality garlic grown by small, local, organic family farms around Wisconsin to give you the experience of flavorful gourmet garlic while sustaining our organic family farms.

  • We are the premier online store for buying garlic for culinary and planting uses from small quantities, sampler packages, wholesale, and bulk for the chef, gardener, and farmer.
  • Certified Organic and Naturally Grown. Meeting food quality safety standards.  All our garlic can be eaten or planted.
  • Our gourmet garlic cannot be found many other places like the grocery stores, big box stores, or Amazon.
  • Our garlic plants produce some of the best seed stock for growing garlic for gardeners and farmers.
  • Officially approved by Martha Stewart's Good Things. Martha Stewart has been growing Keene Garlic on her farms for 10 years.
  • Our garlic fields are tested annually for pests and diseases and this is part of our strategy to bring you exceptional quality garlic.
  • We’re a small family business, owned and operated by Keene, his wife, and sons with loyal and exceptional part time staff
  • We make garlic easy to grow by offering our decades of experience to our customers.
  • Our heirloom varieties have generational lineage and traceability back hundreds of years.
  • Garlic is a nutritious superfood, with multiple health benefits, and medical properties.
  • Keene Garlic produces the best tasting seasonings with our homegrown garlic. The flavor of our garlic seasonings is exceptional and not found in grocery stores.
  • Keene Garlic has grown making collaborations with local farmers or Made in the USA companies offering potatoes, onions, fertilizer, garden tools.

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Question of the week: How should I store my garlic before planting? 🧄

Once you receive your garlic order, it’s essential to protect your investment by properly storing your garlic until you’re ready to plant! Here are some tips:

✔️ Upon receiving your garlic, OPEN YOUR BOX!
✔️ Take out packing material
✔️ Store your garlic in the open box you received the garlic shipment in
✔️ Store in a cool, dry place in your home with plenty of natural air flow, but away from blowing air like fans or air conditioning
✔️ Feel bulbs for firmness and if they are starting to soften that means they are naturally deteriorating and need to get used or planted soon
🚫 DO NOT store sealed in plastic

For more info, visit the “storing garlic” link in our bio 👆

Who else is counting down the days until planting time? 🧄🍂

📸: @sparroweva

Feature Friday: Garlic Container Garden Kit 🌱

Limited on space but still want to grow your own garlic? 🧄

Try our organic garlic container garden kit! This easy-to-use kit includes:

-Smart Pot fabric planter
-2 varieties of heirloom garlic
-Organic garlic fertilizer
-Metal plant markers

All you need to add is soil! 👨‍🌾

Shop today at the “garlic container garden kit” link in our bio! 👆

Happy first day of fall! 🍂

At Keene Garlic, fall is one of our favorite times of year because it represents planting season! Which varieties are you going to be planting this year? 🧄

Note: we recommend planting in mid-late October. 🍁

📸: @gaias.greenhouse

Are you obsessed with all garlic and don’t know how to keep all of your varieties straight? 🧄

Use this little trick submitted by our customer Adine! Now you will never get your garlic varieties mixed up again! 🧄🎉

How do you keep your varieties straight? Share your ideas in the comments!

📸: @swear_words_included

Do you love hot sauce? 🌶️

Check out this hot sauce made by one of our customers, @cheftykotz! It features homegrown Keene Garlic, as well as local chili peppers. Each sauce is custom blended by Chef Ty in small batches to ensure the perfect flavor profile.

Learn more at: https://cheftykotz.com/store


Question of the Week: When will my garlic order be shipped? 📦

Our small family farms are very short staffed this year, but we are doing everything in our power to fill orders as quickly as possible.

We have started to ship garlic pre-orders, and we expect to finish shipping all pre-orders within the next 3 weeks. All orders will be shipped by 10/15 in time for fall planting. 🧄

When your order is shipped, you will get an email notification and a tracking number. If you haven’t yet received an email, that means we are still working on your order.

Thank you for your patience as we are in the middle of our busiest time of year. We don’t expect delays, and all orders will be shipped in time for planting! 🌱

Garlic Harvest 2022 ✔️

This is a mix of Chesnok Red, Music, and German Hardneck varieties. The biggest and best of these bulbs will be saved for fall planting! 🧄

Are you saving some of your harvest for fall planting too? Let us know in the comments!

📸: @jerico65

Feature Friday: Fertilization Soak Combo Pack 💜

Our Fertilization Soak Combo Pack is a game changer! This combination of Purple Cow's CX-1 and Vegetable Supercharger provides the nutrients to produce larger garlic bulbs and healthier plants. 🧄

Why we soak our garlic before planting:

✔️ reduces the transmission of microorganisms
✔️ promotes the health of the plant without harmful chemicals
✔️ increases bulb size
✔️ encourages faster root development

To learn more, visit the "organic fertilizers" link in our bio 👆

Have you placed your fall garlic order? 🧄

We harvested so much delicious heirloom garlic this year, and we're excited to share it with our customers (including Martha Stewart!). We're around one month away from planting time, and certain varieties are beginning to sell out, so be sure to place your order soon! 💜

Order at the "fall garlic bulbs" link in our bio 👆

Wellness Wednesday: Honey Fermented Garlic 🍯🧄

Both honey and garlic have strong medicinal benefits, so combining them is the perfect example of food as medicine!

-fill a sterilized jar about 3/4 full of peeled garlic
-fill jar with raw honey, leaving 1/2" headspace
-put a lid on the jar & allow it to sit on the counter for 4 weeks
-every few days, burp the jar to release any built-up gasses and turn the jar to make sure all of the garlic stays coated
-as it ferments the garlic will darken slightly, and the honey will become runnier

This is just one recipe, but there are many other variations online! We encourage you to do your own research and find a method that works best for you. 👍


Is your garden producing more tomatoes than you know what to do with? 🍅

Try making homemade roasted tomato soup! This is an idea from our customer Mary, and we love the addition of homegrown garlic! 🧄


📸: @jammn

Take a look at these bundles of joy! 🧄

It makes us so happy to see our customers’ successful garlic harvests. As many of us know, once you experience the difference of homegrown garlic, you will never go back. 💚

How many years have you been growing garlic for? Let us know in the comments!

📸: @jerico65

It's story time! 📚

Our customers Dayna and Josh @geraghtysmicrofarm love our garlic and are committed to sharing it with others. They have had a CSA program for the last three years, and last year they converted their two-car garage into a retail market space!

Geraghty's Market is a place where their customers can come to shop pasture-raised meat, homegrown produce (including garlic!), and products from other small local businesses. 🧄🥕🥩🥖

Dayna and Josh are first-generation farmers that originally started by just growing food for their family, but really saw a need to expand that and to sell nutritious food to their local community. We are so happy to be a part of their mission. ❤️

📷: @geraghtysmicrofarm

Feature Friday: 1st Time Growers Package 🧄

✔️ 10 large bulbs total for planting
✔️ 2 unique varieties chosen for your region
✔️ yields around 75-80 bulbs
✔️ our most popular package!

If you are new to growing garlic, this package is perfect for you! Order today at the "fall garlic bulbs" link in our bio 👆

We are now shipping garlic orders for fall planting! 📦

The farmers that we work with are experiencing labor shortages this year, so getting us the garlic bulbs cleaned and ready to ship has been really difficult for them. For this reason, we are starting to ship a bit later than normal, but our warehouse is fully staffed and everybody is dedicated to getting orders out by planting time.

All fall garlic orders will ship between 9/1 and 10/15.

We're thankful to have so many wonderful customers who are excited to plant garlic this fall. Please have patience with us as we ship out your order - everyone will have their order before planting time! 🧄

“It’s about time I get to kick back, relax, and enjoy some sunshine after being in the cold ground all winter!” ☀️😎

📸: @surinafamilyfarm

garlic scape pasta 🍅🌱

-pasta of choice (cook & toss with garlic scape powder)
-top with spaghetti sauce
-garnish with fresh cherry tomatoes & basil


Check out the “garlic scape powder” link in our bio to make this for yourself! 👆

Happy Labor Day! 👨‍🌾

Our farm, Keene Garlic, also works with a number of other small organic family farms around Wisconsin. These farmers are dedicated to also growing garlic with passion and with our company values as the top priority.

We couldn’t do what we do without them! Thank you for supporting small family farms through your garlic orders. 🧄❤️

Who needs wall decor when you have garlic? 😉

Honestly, we can’t think of anything more beautiful. 🧄❤️

📸: @geraghtysmicrofarm


Give the gift of flavor and food! Your recipient will be able to purchase all the items need to grow great garlic. We also have a great line of Garlic Seasoning, Organic Fertilizer and garden tools.