Keene Garlic Featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine!

Martha Stewart Living magazine has a great article mentioning our great garlic seed stock that she plants annually and provides some delicious garlic recipes from the garlic she has grown. The purple garlic in our picture, Purple Glazier, is one of the garlic’s she especially likes. We tried the garlic confit recipe last night and now we can’t wait to make it into the roasted garlic butter recipe she has.

Martha Stewart has been planting our garlic for about 4 years with great success. Martha Stewart and her farmer have been doing excellent blog posts annually on using our garlic. See their blogs and articles on:

Planting Garlic

Growing Garlic

Harvesting garlic

They did an excellent job showing how to do the garlic fertilization soak, planting and growing garlic, so check it out for some great garlic growing instructions.

Martha Stewart Garlic Recipes

In August 2018, we were mentioned in Martha Stewart Magazine where she gives some excellent garlic recipes.

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Garlic Varieties

In Martha Stewart Magazine, August 2018, Martha lists some of her favorite garlic varieties to grow and eat. If you are new to growing garlic, some of these are a little harder to grow than some of our other garlic varieties. I did list some similar garlic varieties that may be easier to grow. If you do want to try them for eating, we do offer a culinary size.

Amish – Grown by Amish farmers in Wisconsin for generations. A wonder true heirloom garlic flavor with about 10 large cloves per bulb. It is a bit harder to grow that some of our other garlics, but the flavor is worth it for the flavor. Similar to German Red.
Inchelium Red – Known as one of the best tasting softneck garlics that can size up to well over 3 inch bulbs. 12-15 cloves per bulb so if you are planting this garlic, it does multiply well giving you about 15 bulbs harvested for 1 bulb planted. If you grow this in northern states, please mulch the planted garlic well. These bulbs are great for braiding. Easier to grow.
Purple Glazier – A wonderfully mild garlic that is excellent for roasting. There are about 10-14 cloves per bulb, so there are a few more cloves to peel compared to some of our other garlics. Purple Glazier does not always grow into the largest bulbs for us in the North, but they grow larger in the warmer states. Similar to Chesnok Red.

Martha Stewart Magazine on Growing Keene Garlic

Martha Stewart Magazine August 2018 on Growing Keene Organic’s Garlic


  1. Gulena M. Perkins on August 1, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    I haven’t tasted real garlic in 30 years. I remember when one or two cloves would flavor a dish.
    Does flavorful garlic still exist, Yes Keene Garlic.

  2. Gulena M. Perkins on August 1, 2020 at 2:34 pm

    I like strong garlic taste

  3. Gulena M. Perkins on August 1, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    I want garlic I can taste, I have not found any in super markets, I have try them all

    • Keene Garlic on August 7, 2020 at 2:26 am

      I think you will be happy with our full flavored garlic. We have different garlic varieties than what you find in the grocery store, and you will find there is no comparison. Our website has plenty of garlic that we should have available for sale until about September.

    • Keene Garlic on August 23, 2020 at 7:48 am

      Our type of heirloom gourmet garlic is not sold in the grocery stores. It costs more to produce since it is a very labor intensive crop with most of it done by hand where every clove is hand planted and every bulb is manually harvested and each one individually cleaned. As a result, grocery store don’t want to pay the price it costs for us to produce it, so they prefer to purchase imported garlic and sell it at an economical price. Our garlic is actually just as economical when you realize that you don’t need as much garlic to flavor your dish. So try some heirloom garlic from us, farmers markets or local farms to taste the difference.

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